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Yugioh Insect Deck?

i know they sort of suck but im gonna have a go at makign one and i need ideas so give me some ideas this is what i have so far

3 doom dozer

3 insect imataion


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    Actually I don't think Insect Decks suck. to me they seem quite brilliant. Insect decks are good for stalling and beat down but I'll try mix em together since you have Doom Dozer and Insect-stalls are pretty awesome! They imobelize your opponent and you deck them. This is a bit of beat-down but I decided to not include great moth coz its hard to get the whole set.

    Monsters- 20

    x2 Parasite Paracide

    x2 Chainsaw Insect

    x3 Insect Knight

    x3 Neo Bug

    x3 Arsenal Bug

    x3 Doom Dozer

    x3 Needle Worm

    x1 Sangan


    x3 Insect Barrier

    x2 Foolish Burial (for doom dozer)

    x1 Nobleman of Crossout

    x1 Heavy Storm

    x1 MST

    x2 Multiplication of Ants

    Traps -10

    x2 Magic Jammer/Magic Drain

    x2 Dark Bribe/ Solemn Judgment

    x3 DNA Surgery

    x3 Sakuretsu Armor

    The **** load of negating cards are to ensure DNA Surgery stays on the field. The objective is to infest your opponet's deck with parasite paracide and play insect barrier. Then while your opponent can't move, use Doom Dozer and Needle Worm to try deck your opponent and Chainsaw Insect to make them keep drawing, thus decking themselves. The other alternative is to pretty much rush them with Insect Knight and Neo Bug.

    Anywayz.. GOOD LUCK!

    Source(s): 5 years of playing yugioh
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    sturdy deck, 8/10. ultimate i've got seen yet do not see many insect decks. would desire to apply Insect Queen and malicious program Princess. perchance an further DNA surgical operation. Sub Shadow Spell for Negate attack. perchance Neo malicious program for extra suited 4 point monsters. different than that great deck

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    *40 cards*

    20 monsters

    chainsaw insect x3

    man eater bug x2

    insect knight x3

    neo bug x2

    anteatereatinggiant x2

    saber beetle x1

    doom dozer x2

    insect princessx1

    pinch hopper x 3

    Insect queen x1 (if not 3 doom dozers)

    spells: 15

    insect limitation x3

    scapegoats x1

    gaia power x1

    swords of revealing light x1

    heavy storm x1

    mystical space typhoon x1

    lightening vortex x1

    nobleman of crossout x1

    united we stand x1

    graceful charity x1

    insect barrier x 3

    traps: 5

    DNA transplant x3 ( turn your opponents to insect then insect barrier them)

    mirror force x1

    sakaretsu armor x1

    Hope this helps

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    you can try that worm warrior that was released in phantom darkness (it's got 1900 atk and it's a smaller version of doom dozer). strong insects you can run are insect knight, neo bug, and chainsaw insect. howling insect and flying kamakiri #1 can fill up your graveyard for doom dozer. magical merchant can also fill up the graveyard with insects. you'll also need some insect support (pinch hopper is an insect and also a good way to bring out your bigger insects).

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    DNA Transplant and Insect Barrier (its Transplant or surgery i dunno which, i have one of them though)

    and maybe Neo Bug? Its an Insect version of Opticlops, and don't forget Insect Queen and Ultimate Insect!

    Oh and don't use more than 2 Doom Dozer in an insect deck

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    agree with first person

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