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? asked in 娛樂及音樂其他 - 娛樂 · 1 decade ago





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  • 銘少
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    1 decade ago
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    灣岸2 OST下載

    101 entry (maxi1 version).mp3

    102 rival and course select (maxi1 version).mp3

    103 maximum acceleration.mp3

    104 feel the passion.mp3

    105 beyond the horizon.mp3

    106 driver's delight.mp3

    107 atheist on the highway.mp3

    108 decoration for the dement.mp3

    109 fun-loving spirit.mp3

    110 stream of tears.mp3

    111 speed fanatic.mp3

    112 total terror.mp3

    113 acid runner.mp3

    114 destination blackout.mp3

    115 blue blazes.mp3

    116 result (maxi1 version).mp3

    117 until the excitement cools down.mp3

    201 opening theme.mp3

    202 entry (maxi2 version).mp3

    203 rival and course select (maxi2 version).mp3

    204 overdrive neurotransmitters.mp3

    205 nip and tuck race.mp3

    206 upbeat gas junkie.mp3

    207 unlawful temptation.mp3

    208 this is my destiny.mp3

    209 highway obsession.mp3

    210 smoldery guest.mp3

    211 adrenaline blowouts the fear.mp3

    212 ghost in the resonance.mp3

    213 nothing can live forever.mp3

    214 another dimension.mp3

    215 result (maxi2 version).mp3

    216 last utopia.mp3

    217 holy land anthem.mp3


    灣岸3 OST下載

    Entry Maxi3

    Select Maxi3

    Inexhaustible Energy

    In Your Dream

    Get Down to the Drive

    Top-Flight Mechanics

    Wanna Try One last Time

    Get you Cornered

    Love to Rise in the Summer Morning

    Evil Association

    Cause You're Different

    Supreme Folly

    Control Your Body

    Shrewd Critic

    Feel the Moment

    Black Pressure

    Phantom of Blue

    Result Maxi3

    Just Flat Out

    Midnight Sanctuary


    Opening Maxi3

    2008-04-28 00:38:29 補充:

    如果download 唔倒請通一下我,或寄信給我,我會透過MSN 或Email send 比你!!

    2008-04-28 00:38:57 補充:

    如果download 唔倒請通知一下我,或寄信給我,我會透過MSN 或Email send 比你!!

  • 1 decade ago

    你可以去fOxy dOwn..





    3.yahOo videO index.html



    Source(s): mE*`
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