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有些人(外國人)寄給我的信並不是很正式 我常常看不懂

不然就是曲解了別人的意思 所以請幫我翻譯ˊˇˋ↓↓

Dark-Archon :

davidward777 will be creating a sister tribe since we have reached our limit. He will be asking 12 members to join the tribe, the 12 r based off location and nothing else, more may be asked to join the sister tribe later on. The sister tribe will be a continuation of this one and its members will be treated as TSA's members. I ask that whoever he asks to not get upset cuz we're doing this for the good of the tribe.



I have given you all Forum Privs Be Carefull NOT to Delete a TOPIC please?

It's the Cross at the bottom right.


we all need tribal forun privs so you can use (EDIT) to see what I typed (DO Not Delete It)!. Then you Copy/Paste this to a Word Doc and change the X|Y the | is Shift+Backslash.

It’s easy when it’s in a Word Doc, but make shure it works first?

I copy/paste and mail it to myself to make sure, but it will come up twice in your own mail? If this don’t work look in (HELP)



[edit] How do withdraw support from a village?

To withdraw support, go to the Rally Point -> Troops. From here you can view and send back the support in your villages or withdraw your support in other villages.

[edit] Is the only way to take over villages using nobles, or can you do it by sending enough troops?

Only a nobleman can take over a village.

edit] When I noble a village what happens to my nobleman?

He takes over the village, becomes the king there, and brings the loyalty up to 25. But that will rise provided you are not attacked with noblemen by another player.


我在 world19 出生地North East ID:rccc2

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    因為我們已經到達我們的限制, davidward 777 意志創造一個姊妹種族。他將要求 12個成員參加種族,在地點外海被建立的這 12 r 和無其他事,多可能被要求稍後參加姊妹種族在。之上 姊妹種族將是這一個的繼續,而且它的成員將被當做避稅年金的成員。 我問,無論他問不得到煩亂的 cuz 誰我們正在為種族的好者做這。



    我已經給你全部論壇, Privs 是 Carefull ,不要刪除一個主題請?



    我們全部需要部落的 forun privs ,如此你能使用 (編輯)理解我打字的! (不刪除它)。 然後你對一個字文件複印/漿糊這而且改變 X|Y 那|是變化+反斜線。

    當它在一個字文件中,但是製造 shure 的時候,它很容易,它首先工作?

    我對我自己複印/漿糊而且郵寄它確定,但是它將在你自己的郵件中發生兩次? 如果這不工作順便探訪(幫忙)




    為了要撤回支持,訴諸於示威運動點-> 軍隊。 從這裡,你能在你的村莊中向後地看而且送支持或者在其他的村莊中撤回你的支持。




    他接管村莊,在那裡成為國王,而且帶來忠誠在到上面 25. 但是將上升提供你不與另一個運動員的 noblemen 一起攻擊。

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