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以Honesty Is the Best Policy為英文作文題目



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    文章架構方面我建議你用開門見山法,因為大部分的英文作文都是如此,或許跟外國人直接且豪爽的個性有關吧,所以我建議首段直接點出Honesty Is the Best Policy。

    內容方面我建議採用comparative essay (比較優,缺點) 的寫法,這是很常見的一種寫法,因為你必須寫出一些supporting sentences(支持論點) 來支持你說Honesty Is the Best Policy,可以舉例,也可以論述,這部份的方面我建議缺點寫一段,優點寫一段,到這裡你就有三段摟!



    As the old saying goes, "Honesty is the best policy." In other words, it pays to be honest. As a traditional virtue, honesty is supposed to be cherished by people everywhere.

    However, there are a lot of instances of dishonesty in all walks of life at present. In the business community, for example, even some world-famous corporations, such as Enron and WorldCom, have cheated their employees and stockholders. As a result, both of them have gone bankrupt and the CEOs of the two corporations have been severely punished. They deserved the punishment because they have seriously destroyed the confidence of the investors in the US stock market and brought about a great turmoil in the financial world. Everyone should learn a lesson from these cases.

    Honesty is beneficial to others as well as to oneself. An honest person will easily win friendship and respect from the people around him. He will have a clear conscience and enjoy a life of peace and happiness. Honest people are people of integrity. They never pretend. They regard honesty as a matter of principle and even when they are in great trouble, they still stick to it and are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of this valuable virtue. And this will contribute enormously to their success.

    As university students, we must combat dishonesty. We must keep it in mind that only by being honest can we achieve academic success and that only an honest nation can truly prosper and thrive in the world.


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