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老師 各位同學 大家好 我今天所要演講的題目是 我的學校生活(My school live)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Honorable judges, ladies and gentlement, good morning.

    I'm so glad to be here.

    Today, I'm going to make a speech of My school life. (看你題目要不要唸兩遍)

    I like my school life, because I can not only learn a lot of things here, but also make lots of friends. During break time, I like to chat with myfriends at my seat, or buy something in the convenience store. With them, my school life is colorful. I can talk them my troubles when I am in bad mood.

    My favorite subject is BASIC. It lets me know that the computer is not only the assembly of components, but professional knowledge. Nomatter the lectures of school or the interactions with my friends, they all make us grow mature little by little.


    Thank you for your listening.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Teacher Every classmate Everybody is good Topic that I will lecture today is My school life (My school live) I like the every little bit of the life of the school again very much, because I can learn a lot of things here, can send to a lot of friends. Class is over usually, I like gathering and chatting or to the fields lying fallow in rotation to buy titbits with the friend richly on the seat. Because have them, my life will just be colorful and colourful. Have them too, when I feel blue, can let them unbosome my mood. In the school, my favorite subject is a procedure language. Because it lets me understand, it is not only a thing that a part makes up that exists in the computer. But the secret that nothing is strange. Through the friend's talk and interdynamic while studying and absorbing, classing is over in the school has a class, make our growth slowly. The above is my school life, my speech leaves it at that and thanks you.


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