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及專櫃的,如Anna sui、LANCOME…等,也分別各有不同的功用!




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    Good evening! Thanks for your coming tonight.

    My name is Emma.

    As we know, the eye is the window of one's soul.

    As long as we have bright eyes, all of us can be pretty women.

    So today I would like to introduce the mascara which every pretty woman should have.

    Probably, every woman has more than one mascara.

    And the mascara is divided into open-shelf brands, such as L'OREAL and MAYBELLINE and counter brands, such as Anna sui and LANCOME.

    Each of them has different functions.

    To make it clearer, I will analyze and compare these products and the distribution of users' age.

    This is my presentation. Thanks for your attention!

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    Good evening, and thanks for your visit today.

    My name is Emma.

    Just as eyes are said to be the window of the soul, whoever could express vitalities through their eyes could be the beauty of the day.

    So, the mascara I'm introducing today is the one which every lovely girl would have, and should have.

    Surely all girls, who want to be pretty, possess more than one mascara.

    But since there are different types of mascara such as L'OREAL, MAYBELLINE... et cetera, and various brands like Anna sui, LANCOME... etc. (et cetera), they all have functions vary from one to another.

    In order to make everyone understand this more clearly, I'll be doing some analysis as well as some comparisons of theses products and the age distribution of people who love to use them!

    This is my presentation.

    And thanks again for all your patience.

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    The good night and thank you today the arrival

    My name is called Emma

    The so-called eye is the person's window of soul

    So long as eye bright each all can be the attractive female


    Today therefore I must introduce the eyelash pomade which is

    each love attractive female students all can have

    Thought each love attractive female student has certainly not

    only has

    But the eyelash pomade has the separated posture, like L'OREAL,

    MAYBELLINE... And so on,

    And special cabinet, like Anna sui, LANCOME... And so on, also

    distinguishes respectively to have the different function!

    I will be able to make some to analyze and to compare these products

    as well as love customer's distributed age!

    Let each clearer understanding

    Above is my report, thanks everybody



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