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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請幫我回答這些英文問題 完整的句子

1.Nowhere is the trend more apparent than in Britain. In April, Charles Schwab Corporate set up an online trading service, and in June, the E-Trade Group, based on in California, announced a joint venture with a British partner, as well as licensing agreements in Germany.

2.In the 1920s, Philips decided to protect its innovations in x-ray radiation and radio reception with patens. This marked the beginning of the diversification of its product range. Since the, Philips has continued to develop new and exciting product ideas like the compact disc, with it launched in 1983.

3.You have been sent to negotiate an important new contract for your firm. During the negotiations your counterpart makes it clear that he expects a personal cash contribution (a bribe) from you if your company is to win the contract.

4.You have spent the last month preparing a report for head office. You have just learned that your boss has taken all the credit for the work.



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  • KH.
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    1 decade ago
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    ?? 1, 2題不是問題. 不知如何回答


    Pay: If you don't care about business ethics, you could pay him the money he asked. However, you will need to worry about the consequences if you got caught and subsequent legal liabilities. It's also important to think about your duty and obligations. You are asked to do your job by your direct boss, but technically speaking you are not his employee. You are actually responsible for your company, instead. Will this bribery hurt your company? Will this be detrimental to your company's reputatoin? Is it fair to the counterpart company when you allow one of their representatives to favor your company by injust personal kick-back?

    Don't pay: You could report to your boss about the situation and let him decide. Also, you could blow the whistle and contact the supervisor of that representative or even to the NGO and shareholders of the counterpart company. However, you will want to be careful about being blacklisted because the industry response to wistle blowers negatively.


    Suck it up and let it be: One of your jobs as the subordinate is to make your supervisor look good. As long as he is happy, let's hope he will return the favor next time when the performance evaluation comes up. You could talk to him in person to assure your loyalty but let him know he owes you.

    Fight - give the credit to where it's due: You could argue with your boss and fight to get the due credits back. I don't believe it's wise to fight, but at least you could pass the message that you work hard on those projects and you do care.

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  • Elisa
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    1 decade ago

    Very good answers. Just two typos. "Unjust" not "injust"

    wistle => whistle

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