Best SHOPPING places in St. Louis area?

Hello, dear all

I am looking for some good places like outlet malls for shopping in MO, better close to Columbia, St. Louis or Kansas city.



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    The St. Louis Mills Mall is off of Highway 370 and has some outlet stores. Another outlet mall is off highway 70 in Warrenton. Of course there are outlet malls at the Lake of the Ozarks, Lebannon Mo and the three huge ones in Branson Mo. If you are looking for other malls in St. Louis you will find a lot of nice stores at the West County Mall at Highway 270 and Manchester or at the Galleria on Brentwood right off of Highway 40. West County and Galleria are not outlet malls. They have mainly high end and specialty stores. Hope this answers your shopping questions.

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    The Osage Beach Premium Outlets are very large and nice and they are 1 hour outside of Columbia, and 2 1/2 hours out of St Louis or Kansas City. The smaller Warrenton Outlet Mall is very close to Columbia. In St. Louis, The St. Louis Mills Outlet Mall is the only outlet mall in the vicinity. West County Center in St. Louis' West Suburbs is your typical mall with stores regular to most other malls. It is very new and nice, and has a ton of stores. Can't really help you out on the Kansas City one, not very familiar with that area. Sorry!!!

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    You specifically mentioned “outlet malls” in your question. St. Louis area does have several nice malls. But afraid none are of the “outlet” type.

    One of the largest outlet malls in the entire Midwest is of course located at Osage Beach

    at the Lake of the Ozarks. Right on highway 54.

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    St.Louis mill malls on highway 370 , that's an outlet mall .

    Midrivers mall is on 70 , if you're driving west and going

    to st.louis .........

    West County mall is another good shopping area .......

    St.Louis has good shopping centers ...........all close to the highways

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