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can someone translate this into japanese?

i wanna translate "blunt" and "sick girl" in japanese like their text please anyone know? thank you

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    鈍い(nibui) - dull, obtuse

    無愛想(buaisou) - abrupt, brusque

    sick girl

    病気の女の子(byouki no onnanoko) - literally translated

    病的な女の子(byouteki na onnanoko) - morbid girl

    Source(s): mother tongue
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    Ben 10 from Cartoon Network and part of Spongebob Squarepants was translated into Japanese, but other than that, I don't know. But I'm sure there is more, America makes a lot of good movies, and those are translated into Japanese, so some of the TV shows should be too.

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    (1) blunt is the opposite of sharp.(surudoi ) a blade that is sharp. namakurano dull

    (2) a person or a word is sokkenai as in sokkenai henji a blunt answer. sokkenai also means unfriendly.

    (3) sense (feeling)... it gives sharp (surudoi) but not its opposite for this. namakura no is only for something that doesn't cut. leaving a ragged edge.

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    These are words that came from my dictionary...

    blunt - sokkenai, rokotsu, bukkirabou

    sick girl - byouteki na onnanoko

    sick woman - byouteki na onnanohito

    Source(s): I study Japanese..
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    Blunt is 鈍い

    Sick Girl is 病気の女の子

    Atleast according to the translator in my dashboard, hope that helps!

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    blunt = 鈍感 (donkan)

    sick =

    (physically) 具合が悪い (guai ga warui) or 病気の (byouki no)

    (mentally) おかしい (okashii, yes it's the same word with strange)

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    i think that blunt would be : 鈍い

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    Nope. I have absolutly NO idea....

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    Sorry I don't know!

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    ohhh!!! meeeee no no no no no i don't know japanees its too difficult..........

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