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Where to go fishing?

Where to go fishing near Toronto?

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    Toronto Fishing has several great locations for carp, bass & pike. The canals at Hanlan's Point are probably your best bet for Toronto fishing. Take the ferry over to Hanlan's, walk a hundred yards or so & start Toronto fishing. When Toronto fishing for pike keep in mind that most of the canals will have pike cruising around, or try the lagoons around Ward’s Island. Try to get over there before the fish spawn & again after they are done for the best Toronto fishing. You'll find good pike Toronto fishing usually during the first two weeks in April. Warm sunny days with a slight breeze are best for Toronto fishing because this warms the water & stimulates the pike to move and look for spawning areas. Toronto fishing for bass & various panfish is best in the weed beds.

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    I would recommend going salmon fishing in Lake Ontario when the ice melts I went with my brother and cousin and it was a great experience.

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    ontario sunset counrty is also the best place to go fishing the lakes here are full of fish and sometimes they jump right in the boat north follow yonge street to hwy 11 and keep going when the hwy ends you are there just a good days drive

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    If you are looking for tremendous fishing spots in Australia, visit Here you can get information about more than 250 fishing spots & its environment, experience.

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    Salmon fishing in Lake Ontario. :)

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    to fishing we need to swim. I love to fishing to river Buriganga. I like to catch fish here because we can catch Hilsa fish.

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    i love to go lake fishing with my friends.

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    I love fishing bank of the River and also in the mid night in my village with my friends that was awesome to fish as well as enjoying my time also.

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    arabian sea

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    there are a lot of lakes for fishing

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