I'm looking for an old cartoon called "Friends of the Forest". Help?

I remember watching this cartoon when I was at my grandparents' house, in the early 90s. I'm not sure when the cartoon was actually made. The thing I remember most about it was the theme song, which started with the line, "We are friends of the forest" and also included the line, "We love the forest". Two of the main characters were these animals who looked something like badgers, and I know one of them was named Polly. In one episode, she got caught in a trap. Part of the show revolved around hunters or other things that could threaten the animals or the forest. I remember there was also a bird with a very annoying voice. No matter where I look, this show doesn't seem to exist. I'm pretty sure this was the name of it, though. It was not a movie; there were more than one episodes.

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    It sounds very much like "The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends" which was a children's TV series from 1992.

    The clip I found (see link below) has a bird with an annoying voice too!

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    Friends of the Forest was shown in Malaysia local TV too umpteenth years ago. Rocky is the main character. The song goes like this:

    We are friends of the forest

    They are there in the sun

    We love the forest

    There's rules for everyone

    Oh Rocky!

    Rocky lives in a tree

    He's so happy

    Living where he wants to be

    Come and join him

    And all his animal friends

    In adventures

    (cannot remember beyond here)

    I have trying to find it too but there is not a trace of this cartoon anywhere online..so sad..

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  • 4 years ago

    Try looking under its other title "Fables of the Green Forest". "Friends of the Forest" is just another dub of that old series. However, for some reason, Rocky in "Fables of the Green Forest" goes by the name of Johnny.

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