any suggestions for a name of a london based college?

hi am setting up a college to offer business ( acca ), computing ( bsc in computer science, acp ) hotel and tourism management , english

any suggestions for the name would really help my mission

thanks in anticipations


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    These are some ideas. Some may be good, others may be terrible, but maybe something will strike your fancy:

    - London School of Management and Technology

    - London College of Business and Computing

    - Management College of England

    - College of the United Kingdom

    - London Technical School

    - London Technical College

    - London Institute of Business and Technology

    - London Institute of Technology and Management

    - London Polytechnic Institute

    - British Polytechnic Institute

    - Polytechnic College, London

    - Queens College, London

    - Kings College, London

    - Royal Polytechnic Institute

    Naturally, I've no idea if any of these names are taken. Nor do I know what you need to do to use such names legally. That's for you to research.

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  • goens
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