Does anybody know the artist / song title that goes with these lyrics?

i've managed to find the lyrics but i cant find anything about the artist. From what i remember this is an R & B Tune:

First time i saw you

shawty you looked so good

took a look at your eyes and

since then i understood

you must be that lady

dreaming of you every single nite

i cant forget about you

ohh girl you are so fly

let me talk to you baby

wanna let you know your making me crazie

and i needa tell you you are something special for me

shawty would u be mine

help me wat can i do

to make u understand

i cant stop searching for you

dont you know that your my everything (my everything)

and all i want is you to be my baby (be my baby)

dont you know that you make me want to sing

everytime i think of you and everytime i look at you my cutie

theres more characters but this is all i can add.

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