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how long do airsoft bateries last?

i am getting a m4 carbine echo 1 the battery is 8.4 mini 1100 mah will it last long enough how long will it last shopld i get another one if i do it will be 1400 mah does it make a differance

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    First the mha does make a difference the higher the number the better. altho don't get a higher voltage. The length of time it will stay charged relates to the first charge, and charges there after. Overcharging is not good. The amount of use will be the biggest killer of the battery. If you are firing full auto for 20 min then your going to die out fast. two batteries are better than one and three better than two. Good luck and have fun.

    To figure out how long to charge a battery for:

    (battery capacity (battery's mAh rating)/charger output (mA - usually written on the charger)) x 1.4(for NiCad batteries, 1.5 for NiMh batteries) = time (in hours).

    For example:

    I have an 1100 mAh battery and a charger which outputs at 180mA (it should be written somewhere on the charger - Output= X mA - or something like that). It's a NiMh battery so you multiply by 1.5.

    (1100/180) x 1.5 = 9.146666 hours

    Note that the result in decimal, so 9.16 hours is NOT 9 hours and 16 mins! 0.16 of an hour is approximately one sixth of an hour or ten mins.

    The mAh of a battery is basically it's capacity, or in other words, how long it'll last. You can have any mAh in any gun


    RawrDinoAh it is only a myth that batteries have the memory read this sight for more information. I was stating that the first charge is very important for conditioning the battery and knowing the peak performance from the battery and gun, not to rush a charge to just use the gun. AND Your Link don't work...

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    The other answer kinda missed. He said the charge is based off the first charge. he may be talking about nicad battery's memory effect, but I think yours comes with an nimh so it's not a problem.

    In general, 1 mah= 1 shot. so you will get 200-400 more shots before the second one dies.

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    actually your both wrong XD

    mah is 600 mah =1k bbs. I dont think airsoft guns can even fire 20min on fullauto nonstop on a 8.4 1100 battery not possible. standard echo1 is around 18 rps

    Source(s): 3 yrs airsoft retreat -_-
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    the diverse answer kinda omitted. He reported the price relies upon off the first value. he must be speaking about nicad battery's memory result, yet i imagine of yours comes with an nimh so it isn't a topic. frequently, a million mah= a million shot. so for you to get 2 hundred-4 hundred better pictures previously the second one dies.

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    a long time

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