Hostile work environment? Grievance?

Can you please share your story? I am thinking of possibly taking such action against my principal for harassment and unfair targeting. I've been keeping documentation of her behavior and I'm in constant touch with my union. They agree that she is out of line and are advising me. I'm afraid all of this may jeopardize my 3 year probation period (which I'm nearing the end of depending on recommendation from this same boss). I've done nothing wrong but it's evident that their actions are unprofessional and only targeting me specifically. This is my career and my life. I've never been written up and everything has been satisfactory my whole time. No one has ever complained about me. My students and their parents love me. I don't know what to do but I'm ready to fight this b**** in court if I have to go there. I want to hear your experiences.


Well I want to make it past the probationary period- remember it's all in her hands. She might change her mind and deny recommending me (She already agreed to the recommendation before all this suddenly commenced)

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    My best advice is that your union is there to stand up for you in these situations and as a member, they should have attorneys to advise you. That's the point of a union, so use the resource you have to its fullest, and document every encounter with her.

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    I would wait until after your probation period to file a grievance. Just my opinion.

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    if you don't get a proper answer here, try posting again in the education section..good luck

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