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I have like 20 cooked left over burger patties, does anyone have any recipies that I can use them in?

and no i don't want to make more hamburgers.

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  • JennyP
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    Yum! Instant dinner and lunch! Here are some ideas:

    1. Cover with beef gravey and serve with mashed potatos for a salisbury steak dinner.

    2. Crumble and add to a bechemel sauce, along with sauteed mushrooms and toss with egg noodles for a groundbeef stroganoff.

    3. Season with picante sauce, crumble, and add to greens, shredded cheese, tomatos, sour cream and olives for a taco salad.

    4. Crumble and season for tacos

    5. Add to a can of mushroom soup, cooked rice, sauteed onion, and cheese, bake for 45 minutes until bubbling.

    6. Add to scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and cream gravey for a breakfast treat.

    7. Crumble and mix with sauteed onion, green pepper, cooked rice,tomato sauce and use to stuff green peppers. Top with shredded cheese, cover and bake until peppers are tender.

    8. Add to ketchup, crumble, for sloppy joes

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    I have like 20 cooked left over burger patties, does anyone have any recipies that I can use them in?

    and no i don't want to make more hamburgers.

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  • Rli R
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    Individually wrap them and freeze them. Then when you need some cooked meat, haul them out, defrost them in either the fridge or microwave, and add to your dish.

    You can use them in the following:

    - Chili

    - Omelet

    - Spaghetti sauce

    - Crumbled and mixed with cooked onions and sausage to stuff bread with (like making calzones - with spaghetti or tomato sauce and cheeses or Hum Bow - Chinese steam buns)

    - Creamed burger on toast (like creamed chip beef on toast - break it up into small pieces and mix with gravy)

    - Mix with stove top stuffing and make into balls - crumble that burger up as fine as you can

    - Add the crumbled burger to a nice soup

    See, lots of things to use the burgers with.

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    Break them up into pieces and chop an onion and add (garlic if you like) put into pot or big skillet with a little olive oil or pam or whatever you saute with!

    Make a spaghetti or chili it will taste great! Proceed with your recipe as you would.

    I have done this many times, always delicious!

    Hope this helps, Tami

  • Erin B
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    You could crumble them and let them simmer in some spaghetti sauce for a couple of hours.

    Or you could crumble them and let them sit in a mixture of green chilis, some salsa and maybe some chili con queso for a little while and serve over chips or in tacos with your fav. accompaniments.

  • Anonymous
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    Make a brown gravy or mushroom gravy and pour over (mock Salisbury steak). Serve with baked or mashed potatoes and your choice of veggie and or salad.

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    you can crumble them up and make shephards pie

    crumble them up in to chili

    crumble them up in to a lasagna soup- email me for the recipe- super easy

    crumble them up in to a breakfast casserole

    crumble them up in to a stove top home made hamburger helper dish

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