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What do you think about the New Zealand Cricketers ?

They are underatted ? Aren't they ?

I wonder how they produce great players like fleming, chris cairns,Jacob Oram, McCullam, Shane Bond, They can chase big totals and they had done it many times.

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    I think New Zealand do very well considering the limited amount of talent they have at their disposal. Throughout the years, they have always had a handful of very good players. They then have to find a few others to make up the numbers.

    The players you name - Fleming, Cairns, Oram, McCullum and Bond- plus Vettori, are probably the only players in New Zealand who could safely say they could compete for a Test place in any other cricketing nation.

    So New Zealand do very well in getting the optimum from their resource pool.

    They don't 'produce' these players: they are born with a genuine talent as cricketers.

  • Srinu
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    I am surprised that a country of just 4.25 million people produces such a variety of cricket players like Richard Hadlee, Chris Cairns, Bruce Taylor, John Reid, Daniel Vettori, Anthony McGibbon, Jacob Oram, JEC Franklin, BL Cairns, Dion Nash, Bevan Congdon, Martin Crowe, Mark Richardson, Bert Sutcliffe, Glenn Turner, Jeremy Coney, Andrew Jones, John Bracewell, Richard Motz, Simon Doull, Richard Collinge, Nathan Astle, Stephen Fleming, John Wright, Hedley Howarth, Dipak Patel, Craig McMillan, Daryl Tuffey, Scott Styris, Dayle Hadlee, Danny Morrison, GP Howarth, GT Dowling, Victor Pollard, Bryan Young, Barry Sinclair, Chris Martin, Brendon McCullum, Robert S Cunis, Mark Burgess, Paul Wiseman, etc.

    But due to its low population base, I think that NZ will be a moderate cricketing nation but for flashes of brilliance now and then as a team.

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    New Zealand have always been able to produce great players (Vettori, Flemming, Oram, McCullam, Bond etc and before them Cairns, Astle, Hadlee, Smith, Crowe etc, the list goes on and on). But they do not have any consistency especially not in the Test arena, they're perennial underachievers despite the talent they have. It's why they're near the bottom of the ICC rankings table.

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    I love new zealand..its the best place in the players are good..mccullum is good stuff..see the ipl cricket leauge..he just score 158 in a 20 20 thats hot stuff.

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    Destructors + Unpredictables = New Zealand Cricketers

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    McCullam played brilliantly today in the IPL!

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    I fully agree with you that New Zeland Team has very good cricketers.However, they lack consistency,which is the main reason why New Zeland cricket Team has not been able to come on top.

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    they are good at playing 20-20

  • 1 decade ago

    they are good playing 20-20

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are overshadowed by the Continent.

    McCullam was superb today. Helped us win.

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