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what month does a woolly bear caterpillar come out of hibernation?

i have 2 woolly bear caterpillars that went into hibernation last winter....i heard them come back in the spring but when....they are still in hibernation...

any input would be great

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    I'm sure it depends on where in the country you are

    Try putting them in a place where they will get nice and toasty warm. That should wake em up. But, if you plan on releasing them outdoors, make sure that it is actually warm enough in your area to do that. You wouldn't want to wake em and then let them freeze their butts off

    google something like wooly bear caterpillar along with the state you are in or region, you will probably get better info.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wooly bears are the caterpillars of a family of moth called Arctiidae. They emerge as Leopard Moths or Tiger Moths, depending on the species, around March to April depending on where you live. Try misting them with a spray of water to "trick" them into thinking Spring showers have arrived and it's time to make their appearance. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how pretty they are as adult moths. The colors can be vibrant depending on the species.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    in nc,they come out in may.

    Source(s): the internet
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