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ACE Personal Trainer Exam?

I'm studying through the ACE manual and I plan on taking the exam probably 3-4 months from now. I'm going through the exam criteria thats in the back to make sure I'm studying what I need to know. For anyone that has taken the ACE exam to become certified to be a personal trainer, do you have any tips or advice? Also do you have any general advice for starting out as a personal trainer? Thanks

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    I studied the ACE manual, but I worked at a YMCA and got my cert. through them. It was a lot easier and didn't cost me anything. ACE is good to have though because it is accepted everywhere and is very well respected. From talking to people who took the ACE test, it is very hard and many fail it the first time. I think you have to pay to take it again. I think I was told that the test is quite long and you are not allowed to leave the room until you are finished, so don't drink a lot of coffee before and need to go to the bathroom.

    If you can take more sample tests, do. They might have some available online. I think when there is going to be a test given in a certain area, somebody will put on some practice sessions. That would be worth going to. I don't know how you find out about those, but it shouldn't be too hard.

    I don't have any advice for starting out. I trained a couple of people who I already knew first and that helped me to get broken in. I didn't like doing it and gave it up after about six months.


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    Ace Personal Trainer Exam Answers

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