SWOT analysis?

Local citizens protest a big retail chain that wants to build a store in their town, because the new construction would wipe out a popular wooded area. The retail chain authorities need to find a favourable solution that will get the store built while preserving the store's goodwill with the citizens.

How would you conduct a SWOT analysis of this store?

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    Here's a really, really 30,000 feet version of a SWOT analysis:

    Strengths: The town would benefit from the arrival of the retail chain - it could generate jobs, lower prices in other stores and provide access to goods that perhaps would not be available from other outlets. The store chain would benefit by expanding its reach and revenue.

    Weaknesses: Strong community opposition. Even if the chain overcomes the short-term concerns and opens the store, there may be bad feelings in the community long-term that would effect sales, PR, etc.

    Opportunities: The chain obviously thinks that this could be a profitable new location so there is an opportunity to create revenue. The chain could also build its good name by contributing to the community (supporting sports teams, etc.). So there is an opportunity for success, if the chain can overcome the town's objections.

    Threat: The company may spend a lot of time, attention and money trying to overcome the town's concerns, and then not be able to do so. On a larger scale, these little-town-vs.-big-bad-retailer stories sometimes draw quite a bit of negative attention way beyond the confines of the one particular town. These stories end up in the newspapers, on tv, on the web... It can really blow up in the retailer's face.

    I've added a couple links that may be interesting to you.

    I hope this is helpful!

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    If you don't know what a SWOT analysis is, it is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat. Put each heading at the top of the paper and make a list under each heading. Strengths- increased revenue, Weaknesses- destruction of woods, Opportunities- you can figure that out, and threats- possible bad feeling of the citizens. Hope this helps... by the way you should come up with more than I did.

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