Can anyone suggest me some African feminist writers and their novels?

I would like to do my M.phil dissertation on African literature. But I find it difficult to narrow down my topic and to choose authors. Please suggest some authors and their works.

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    Here's a list. just go to google or wikipedia and find their stuff

    1. Octavia V. Rogers Albert

    2. Anonymous

    3. Eloise Bibb

    4. Virginia W. Broughton

    5. Hallie Q. Brown

    6. Josephine Brown

    7. Annie L. Burton

    8. Olivia Ward Bush

    9. Lucy A. Delaney

    10. Alice Dunbar-Nelson

    11. Julia A. J. Foote

    12. Mary Weston Fordham

    13. Frances E. W. Harper

    14. Josephine D. Heard

    15. Pauline E. Hopkins

    16. Harriet A. Jacobs

    17. A. E. Johnson

    18. Maggie Pogue Johnson

    19. Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley

    20. Emma Dunham Kelley

    21. Jarena Lee

    22. Hiram Mattison

    23. Adah Isaacs Menken

    24. Mrs. N. F. Mossell

    25. Ann Plato

    26. Mary Prince

    27. Nancy Prince

    28. H. Cordelia Ray

    29. Frank Rollin

    30. Amanda Smith

    31. Effie Waller Smith

    32. Maria W. Stewart

    33. Susie King Taylor

    34. Clara Ann Thompson

    35. Priscilla Jane Thompson

    36. Bethany Veney

    37. Phillis Wheatley

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    Toni Morrison

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