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Anyone knows the cheapest flight frm Singapore to Chicago? (Ohare Int airport) I needa go Aug '08. Pls help!

The cheapest I've found so far is SGD 2550 (incl tax)... which is really expensive for me.... :( I'm going there for 16 days or so, if anyone can help, thanks~~~!!!!


Erm ppl... I'm coming FROM Singapore, going to Chicago.... not the other way round....

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    $1771 USD total price, tax incl. for travel in August and staying ~ 16 days. This is *from* SIN to CHI. This is approximately 2400 SGD currently, and is the best offer I see for SIN-CHI for August.

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    Try or try going through a travel agent. I know fares are expensive during the summer but I went through a travel agency and was able to get a ticket from Cincinnati, OH to Singapore on SIA for USD $1,510.

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    China Airlines has flights from $1,388, and Cathay Pacific from $1,631 total price depending on the day you fly and which flight you choose. With the price of fuel and the Olympics starting in August fares are much higher this year to Asia. Good luck.

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    I worked together with a travel Agency called Farman Travel in Singapore some years ago and I purchased pretty low priced tickets from them. They are Consolidators and have their own contracts with many airlines.

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    The only direct flight os offer by United Airways. Check out Air France, KLM and Swiss Air or Turkish Airline via Europe. I think Air India will offer cheaper fare. Please check on your local travel agentcy.

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