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labour party?

why is that so many people complain about petrol prices going up,higher tax,higher council tax etc...but yet so many of you continue to vote labour in?surely by now you must know that the mps for labour are only out for themselves! what are your views on this?

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    Anyone who voted Labour (or worse didn't vote at all!) and are currently moaning about the state of the country have no sympathy from me.

    Although Labour are very unpopular at the moment, you have to remember that the Conservatives didn't have a viable solution at the last election. Blair was still fairly popular and they knew they couldn't win it; consequently they went for a rebuilding / re-branding process, which seems to be very successful (latest poll suggests Labour 28%, Tory 44%).

    It's pretty evident that Labour have run out of steam - why do you think Cameron isn't releasing any policies? He let a few ideas out a few months back, and Labour stole them all (threshold increase on inheritance tax, stamp duty reduction, etc). He'll keep his cards very close to his chest until Labour release their manifesto prior to the 2010 general election. Personally, I'm predicting a landslide.

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  • cope
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    4 years ago

    I'm definite Tony will cross a regulation to make sure it could - if the Lords vote in opposition to it he can invoke the Parliament Act and do it besides, similar to he did with Fox Hunting - a divisive and useless waste of presidency time with such a lot of different priorities - however well for a couple of extra votes eh Tony - that is what it is all approximately in this day and age is not it? The New Labour Party will deny it's bankrupt besides they are such an smug, patronising bunch of inept parasites.

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  • Bob J
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    1 decade ago

    People seem to have no clue about economic principles. they cant see the connection between them taxing the hell out of the businesses and the jobs leaving. Many of them will argue and hate economic fact. The labour party does everything they can to eliminate the companies that give people jobs and then promise everyone they will bring jobs. People a fools.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    all MPs are out for themselves. What they want and what the people need are two solely different things.

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