I am going to a police impound auction to buy a car for cheap and selling it for profit, is this a good idea?

I have never done this before and would like to do this for a living

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    1 decade ago
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    Its Ok.

    However, half the documents wont be with the vehicle...

    Not many peope buy cars without service history.

    If it's a good brand and model...I suppose it's OK.

    It's not a good living, but it would be a great idea to do that in your spare time..

    It's not guranteed income.

    Also, you may have to MOT the car and also tax it...

    If the car needs a new cv joint or a clutch...thats £400+ that the car already owes you.

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    It is a good aidia, but you have to be caerfull, somethimes the car is not in good shape, so your best bet is to find a friend or someone who know how to fix cars so he can see the car and make shure is a good investment, one think you can do is having a friend who has accest to the internet and when you see a car you like call your friend and give hem the car full information so your friend can chek the kelly blue book value on that car.

  • Be careful you could possibly buy a drug dealer repo which might come with some history and someone out in the street may think that person is inside driving.

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    1 decade ago

    Check the price here..you'll know your answer.


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    1 decade ago

    if you do decide to sell you car, you should sell it on this auto site, they actually let you list it for free for 90 days, and they also let you upgrade your listing...


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