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這是我的期中考報告 因為老師今天才說要交 所以現在趕快po文上來 我又是夜間部的學生 要上班又上課沒時間 所以請各位大大幫幫我一下摟><但是請要文法對唷^^










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    Relationship is symbol to make up crowd of among companionship,communicate and rely on of society which is call social contact. Belong category of sociology. By chinese it is mean exclude relation of people and connect with people of always called,beside label "Make Relationship",include relational of friendship,classmate,teach-mate,employee-mate,army-mate,colleague,leader and follower etc. Human is society animal,everyone have own self of unique thinking,background,attitude,personality,lifestyle and values;moreover,there have effect on relationship for everyone's emotion,live,work;otherwise,have more effect on company's mood,company's connect,company's doing,company's affect and relation between personal with company.

    Relationship of importance

    Relationship is extremely importance. The importance explain by below four item.

    Relationship is the fundamental society demand of human need.

    Relationship also help people know one's heart.

    Relationship could be own-self practice and positive

    Relationship make use of check out how health of one's society spirit.

    How to make good relationship?

    Communication is important part in relationship. That is between human connect,emotion,attitude,truth,idea and thinking,thus a good communication is mean a communicate process with both talk. It is not your speech by yourself;water off a duck's back,or a speech by other;furthermore hear what other-side say?to understand what other-side's mind?what other-side feeling?and then take own mind back to other-side. With communication process might have be misinterpret by talker's personality or talking-style. Therefor,talker and listener need to still talking,for their each other clear receive and konwing is right.

    Source(s): 有些地方真的想不到單字而用別的方式詮釋~看看喜不喜歡吧~ 掛~囧
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