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child custody question?

I have never been married, but have two children with a man now in prison. He was very abusive and participated in illegal activities (he is now in prison for it). My question is this: He never filed for any custody ( he didn't care about the kids) but will soon be released and I think he will try to just to hurt me for not being with him. He has been emotionally abusive to the kids, and never paid childsupport. If we don't have a formal court ordered custody agreement am I the sole custodian since he hasn't contested it and the kids never lived with him? Is there anyone I can contact to get legal advice? I caught him selling illegal narcotics with my son in the car. I haven't let him be alone with him since. That was five years ago, but I think he will fight harder now. He does have a child endangerment conviction. Help please!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is very unlikely that a recently released, convicted felon who was charged with drug offenses and add to that the Child Endangerment charge, would get even a look in in a custody case. That's a fact. Don't worry about it.

    But DO go to the courts and get a formalized custody arrangement. That is for your benefit, and for the children's. Otherwise he may get supervised visitation.

    There should be a Legal Aid Department, or their equivalent, where you live. They will tell you who you can see, and how to go about it. They are free if you are in dire need, and at low cost otherwise.

  • 5 years ago

    There isn't any such factor as a navy divorce. All divorces are civil concerns. Having mentioned that, the quantity of youngster help is established on sales. If there's a courtroom order in location that states how so much youngster help he will have to pay, then that is what he demands to pay. The most effective approach he might petition the courts to decrease the quantity is that if his instances converted and he abruptly began making vastly much less cash. As for sending more cash every time his ex asks for it, he isn't obligated to do this and he's correctly a idiot to take action.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You sure know how to pick'em! You know what if you go and file a TRO Temporary Restraining Order, and seek an injunction against him for all that he has and may do to you and those children. Your local Family court house will have designated days and hours for a free legal advice clinic go and get all the advice you can get for free and all the necessary paper work as well and keep that rat bastard whom you chose to procreate with away and from doing any more harm to you and those children at least! Best of luck to you...


  • Moneta
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    1 decade ago

    You've just answered your own question. What court would award custody to a man like that?

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