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College universities are brainwashing students??????

I have heard right wingers say that college universities are brainwashing their students into believing in and accepting liberal ideologies. I am a second semester junior at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am earning my Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering. In my 3 years of college, I have never once had a teacher spew any kind of left wing ideas. I go to class, the teachers teach their subjects, and I go home. End of story. I have not heard any of my teachers say anything even remotely political. I guess they consider circuit analysis and mechanics of materials to be liberal propaganda. God forbid we do something liberal like design and build a car engine.

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    Having already obtained my engineering degree, I would agree w/ your observations... but only for my core classes. My mathematics, engineering, and physics classes were completely secular (as they should be). However, my political science, history, and writing classes did have a left wing bias.

    College campuses are a hotbed for liberal ideas - if you don't believe that, then you don't actually follow the news. Many war protests, rallies, and generally good-willed but naive movements have started at universities.

    While at school, I looked into a political bias of professors and found that over 80% of them had donated to the democratic party. While they were not preaching this ideology in class, it did permeate the university and its culture.

    Thats my two cents.

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    Depends on your major a lot of times.

    I know I had some political science and history classes that were certainly more liberal.

    You cant really get liberal or conservative in math or chemistry or mechanical engineering.

    English and history are notorious for being more liberal.

    I once had an english teacher go off on the whole class because I dared say something disparaging about the womens lib movement of today. She stopped the whole class and lectured on womens rights the rest of the time. Until then I had gotten all A's on all my papers. After that day I got all C's on my paper. She gave me a C in the class and even with her stupid biased grades it added up to a B so I know for a fact she was giving me a grade she had no business giving me.

    I went to appeal it and complain and found out it was a very lengthy process so I decided it wasnt worth it since I was already transfering to a diff school and it wouldnt make that much of a difference.

    Now I kind of wish I had because it was the only C I got!

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    I have heard it a few times, mostly from Political science professors. I was more liberal at the time. One guy professor laughed and suggested that Condi Rice and President Bush were having sex, to give you a tidbit. In another class, a professor said that we should all go out and have as much sex as we want (it was an all woman's school and we were discussing feminism and 19th century literature - the class laughed and it was taken as a joke, but that does seem like a more liberal social position, and one that I happen to agree with).

    This was at a private liberal arts school with a large international population. Even with the slight bias, the majority of my courses were excellent (except for art - they refused to teach us aesthetics or drawing things like the figure because they were into conceptual modernist stuff).

    I don't mind if professors are either conservative or liberal and let their views slip during a discussion in the course. That's not bias. It's bias when they alter the course material to suit one point of view that is highly subjective, such as politics.

    In the sciences there is a lot of criticism from conservatives over the teaching of evolution. That is bull **** because science is not supposed to teach intelligent design, a form of creationism. Science is based on theories developed from the use of the scientific method. Most of the religious accusations are baseless.

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    I haven't been in college for many years but when I was there we all knew what professors were more likely to get discussions going so they could express their views. I knew some students that would soak up every little thing they heard and repeat it as gospel truth. Most of us were smart enough to think for ourselves but there are always a few who do fall into the trap of believing one persons view on everything. I was a biology major so I didn't run into this too much. Philosophy, poly sci, and such things were areas where liberal thought was prevalent.

    Then there was the college "chaplain" who was very good at organizing protests against the war (Viet Nam) but when students started pushing for a Bible Study group he resigned as chaplain and just continued teaching "religion." I took one class where he was filling in for the regular professor for part of a semester and it was a very different class when he taught! I personally preferred the other professor as he gave a better overview of western religious heritage without expounding on one personal view more than any other view.

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    how is designing an building a car engine liberal?

    i believe society is good at brainwashing young adults into believing certain things. However, political ideologies are the least of our worries. Our soul is a much more important matter.

    • John4 years agoReport

      How is calling our founder fathers racist, sexist, slave owning aristocrats and the US evil not liberal? That is a true college experience for me. Then he gave me a C for fighting back. I got As in all 3 exams, did all my HW, and had perfect attendance. College is a joke.

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    I don't think even conservatives are dumb enough to believe that an engineering curiculum is going to involve propagation of liberal ideology. I suspect they mean that people who study the softer sciences such as political science or sociology are brainwashed.

    Not that I'm defending them, my experience is that they are full of it. I'm just saying that I don't think even they are saying that students get brainwashed by taking Physics 101 (or even 301 or whatever)

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    Try hanging out at a liberal arts college. Or one of the Big Ten, especially the University of Michigan, birthplace of political correctness. You are right, you won't find that kind of action at a technical school.

    Source(s): Too many friends who went to U of M
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    no conservative is affraid of thought or new ideas. it's when schools pump (only) their ways into the students that we get concerned. talk to a student of political science and see what they have to say. you will find "O", thats ZERO professors who are patriotic , who believe in the country or flag or anything pro-american. this is true even in the city schools. the only time you'll see anything patriotic in school is if you go out in the rural areas of the country. don't take my word for it, talk to others, from eastern or mid-western or west coast colleges.

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    Everton Eyerie


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    This is one of those old Right Wing urban myths. My dad used to say that all the time. I think that perhaps institutes of higher learned are threatening to those who did not have the opportunity to attend one. Plenty of conservative people hold PhD's and beyond, but the people who make the whole "brainwashing" complaint usually don't.

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