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Wet kitchen, dry kitchen question?

First let me explain by saying that I have only been in Malaysia for 2 months and have recently moved into my new house which has a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen. Where I'm from this is not common so I was wondering what items do you store in which kitchen? My hot water supply, and refrigerator are in the dry kitchen. Which one do you store your food? Which one do you store your dishes and pots? I'm stumped on what to do so let me know how yours is organized and if you don't have an idea or an honest answer please don't respond. I can do without being called dumb, or silly or any other responses you clever ones out there come up with. Thanks in advance.


Just a footnote, I have sinks in both kitchens,

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    most asian dishes usually require heavy duty of stir fry where lots of oil vapour will be produced. besides the smell from the spices and chillies..that's is why wet kitchen comes in handy.. if you stir fry in a dry kitchen, the oil vapour will stick at your cabinet ,fridge and even will be troublesome to cleaned it off..

    mostly dry kitchen is where you used for boiling, steamed, bake or anything that doesn't produced much oil vapour..

    in my kitchen, dry kitchen is for storing baking products, cups,cutlery, dishes, fridge,induction cooker, oven, microwave and even the washing machine. While all the pots,pans, woks, gas stove, spices, dried ingredients such as potato,onion,garlics are stored in the wet kitchen.

    note of advice:if you do like stir fry, please don't hang you clothes near the wet kitchen..i think you know why...


    sink in the wet kitchen is for heavy purpose.examples: oily pans, woks, dishes which requires a lot of cleaning

    sink in the dry kitchen is for light purpose.example: wash hands, non-oily dishes, cups..

    if you want to store a dishwasher, i suggest it will be put in the dry kitchen..

    sorry for my poor english since it is not my 1st language..

    Source(s): my kitchen..hehe
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    Small Wet Kitchen Design

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    wet kitchen is where u do the cooking - stove, sinks, small cabinets for ur sauces,herbs n kitchen utensils will do just fine in the wet kitchen area. dish washing is also done in this area.

    dry kitchen - well i put my dining table in the dry kitchen area, for quick lunch n dinner... my fridge is also in the dry kitchen area. malaysian tends to cook rather than take away, so it's easier to have wet kitchens so u dont wet and mess up the whole kitchen..the wet ones are always smaller than the dry ones, meaning less cleaning to do. At first, my house also wasnt equipped with the wet area when i first moved in, but now, its all easier...

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    the wet kitchen is where we'll normally do the 'dirty' jobs e.g. food preparation, cooking, frying where there's a fair element of fluids flying around i.e. water, oil, soups, gravies (hence maybe why it is called a wet kitchen)..... As such, the floor definitely have to be cleaned regularly so we have the wet kitchen next to the laundry area, so we can simply mop the area clean at the end of the day.

    Dry kitchen meanwhile, is where we'll do the cleaner/drier stuffs e.g. baking stuffs, toast bread, etc

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    dry kitchen:

    fridge that contains lighter items e.g; juices, fruits, bottle waters, cheese, butter, fresh milk etc,

    dining table,


    dishwashing machine,



    stove with kitchen hob (in case if u want to cook something in the middle of the night)

    kitchen cabinet to store crockeries (dining wares - plates, cups and saucers, glasses, cutleries etc)

    a set of kitchen knives - for security reason, keep it in the house after use.

    wet kitchen - usually located at the back of the house, easier to douse with water to clean after cooking.

    a sink

    cooking stove

    another fridge to store cooking items e.g. vegetables, potatoes, onions, ginger, meat, sauces etc.

    A tall cabinet to store spices, salt, rice, cooking oil, cooking pots, pans, sifter, plastic basins/bowls etc.

    a blender

    a real good electrical sockets that is properly fixed against the wall, so you can plug in your blender/radio/rice cooker without having to do these in the dry kitchen.

    u also may need a work table.

    The rice: If u wish to cook the rice in the dry kitchen area, u can keep your rice jar in the dry kitchen cabinet. Otherwise, U can keep them all in one place in the wet kitchen area.

    Make sure u have a water outlet with a long hose so that u can clean the area easily.

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    Just do what u like, and its good enough.. those dry and wet system is really ridiculous i think.. my house, everything mix, wet dry, dining, all in the same room.. makes life easier.. dont hv to go far to cook, to get drinks, to get ice, to get food served..

    my opinion..

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    I just summarize here:

    Wet kitchen - asian food and anything that are related in preparing the food

    Dry kitchen - western food and anything that are related in preparing the food

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    Couldnt agree more with Juniper and Light Shadow!

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    Juniper Sixteen's answer is awesome.

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    i support Juniper Sixteen's answer

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