Why is UC Santa Cruz such a bad UC?

Can anyone explain to me why UC Santa Cruz is known as a lower UC? Does it really matter where I go as an undergrad? Will going to UC Santa Cruz affect my chances of going medical school?


Will going to Purdue be better for me? I just need opinions. Thank you!

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    UCSC like the other UCs is strong for the sciences but which science you want to pursue changes which UC is best for you. For med school I might suggest going to a UC that already has a med school or hospital affiliated (i.e., UCLA). (Personally I'd take UCSC over UCLA any day because the professors are easier to approach and I learn better in that kind of smaller environment.) I went to UCSC and agree with the person above me who denounced the myths. Pass/Fail was the old system and your "grade" was your narrative. You went to UCSC to learn, not to lie/cheat/cutthroat just for what looks good on paper. The narrative is a much more fuller report of your ability and performance as a student so it's a shame some professors deem it as a chore and don't put effort into it. I do not think UCSC is a party school like other schools in that there's no crazy spring break like 1980s movies and since there's no major sports, the influence of fraternities/sororities and that kind of behavior is low, hence why I chose UCSC. It's all a matter of what you put in you get out.

    Source(s): went to UCSC, work at UCLA
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  • 6 years ago


    1)Santa Cruz is in the REDWOODS, NOT the DESERT

    2)Every university has a party. Santa Cruz is on par with UC Santa Barbara

    3) Look at the fact that they are part of the UC. They have research, a low student/faculty ratio.

    4) Yes, it isn't a football school. If you want that, then go to that type of college - both are okay.

    but don't judge a school on rumors or unsubtantiated opinions. Any opinions should come from actual people who have been there.

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    Although UC Santa Cruz is known as a party school, in the long run it still offers a quality education and a large amount of research opportunities. As a current student, here are some myths you can rule out:

    1. It is only a pass/fail system.

    False: Like any school, you can request the class be taken pass/fail, but the majority of classes are graded.

    2. Medical Schools don't respect UC Santa Cruz.

    False: The school is only a small part of acceptance. Medical Schools don't care very much where you gained your education, as long as you have the GPA, grades, outside work, and MCAT scores. Plus, any good medical program knows not to believe the rumors about "party" schools.

    3. UC Santa Cruz is a party school full of only pothead hippies.

    False: Like ANY college, there will be party people. UC Santa Cruz is no different. But, that won't stop you from getting a strong education. It is up to you to get what you need from the material that is taught.

    So any UC you attend should give you a strong education, you just can't fall into the party lifestyle and expect to walk into medical school. That is true for any college. The only reason UC Santa Cruz is deemed lower is due to rumors and a lack of known prestige. So far I am glad I came here, over both Davis and Berkeley; it is a great campus, with an excellent faculty, and has a wide array of research opportunities available.

    Source(s): Myself: a current UCSC student
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    Being from the LA area, I though the same thing. I got accepted a week ago and decided to visit. I came back today morning and proud to say, that my perception of it was completely false. It is a really good school and very well respected. They are highly selective, and the place is gorgeous. It is two minutes from the beach, beautiful place, beautiful weather, amazing people. It is definitely not a lower UC, not like Riverside or Merced. It is on the list of the top 100 schools nationally, which is an honor, considering the amount of colleges and universities out there. Overall, the UC system is amazing. UC's are known to be as a high level of education school, wayyy above CSU's Community or Valley Colleges, or other Institutes. It really is a great school. I would really recommend you to visit the campus though. Go to ucsc.edu and type in " Campus Tour" There are also online tours and a lot of pictures and descriptions. It is a really great an unique place. Good Job and Good Luck!

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    Because it is pitted against giants such as Berkeley and LA. Santa Cruz is relatively new and that somewhat explains why it hasn't caught up with the other UC's in terms of reputation. It is definitely a good school.

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    No, all the Uc's are good schools. Some schools just tend to get reputations because of some of the student body. Like Chico--the party school. Or Humboldt--the weed school. Just because some people think it's a lower school doesn't mean it is. All UC's are awesome schools, and the only thing that will affect your chances of getting into medical schools are your grades and if you keep them up. Also, look at other options to make sure that is where you really want to go, good luck.

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  • leeds
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    3 years ago

    Is Ucsc A Good School

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  • Just a heads up, Santa Cruz is on the coast. That would be the beach, not the desert.

    It is actually a good school and will not lessen your chances of getting into a good med school. And it doesn't usually matter where you did your undergrad, as long as it's legitimate, and you got good grades.

    Source(s): I know a bunch of people who currently attend.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Your choice of undergrad will not affect your chances of getting into medical school. Your interviews, mcat, grades and etc stuff if what matters.

    All colleges are good at different things. UCSC is a research school with less prestige then some others.

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  • 1 decade ago

    because it is known as a party school

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