a new dilemma?

2 actually. when i got to work tonight i was handed a note with info regarding a 2 yr lab/dane in need of help. nothing specific. i know i have to call them tomorrow and explain that i have no room right now. i know it's going to break my heart. but what are my alternatives? there's no animal control here and no real shelter. just a few of us doing what i do. one is full with over 100 dogs and another is full with 15. the attitude of the local PD is "a dog is a mans property to do what he wants with".

which brings me to my 2 nd problem.

a customer came through my line and in conversation it came up that there's a pit fighting org. going on up the street from her house. she has children and is afraid to get involved. i will get more details, but based on the attitude of the locals, should i go to the state police or the local sherriffs dept?


EDIT: TELEX, i repeat i will get more details........................................

and i don't think you're being "a smart butt". your answer is helpful.

Update 2:

still working on the dog fighting problem. but the dane x is mostly ok. not being abused etc. owner started a new job in a town 2 hrs away and has no time.

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    Well both the state police and Sherriffs are only going to find time for you if they feel they have time too "do you a favor" if your not viewed well by local PD, they are sure not going to give you a stellar backing to there buddies on the Constables or Sherriffs payroll. You are going to need alot more information than "the guys up the street" if you want them to get involved (not trying to be a smart butt). If your local PD attitude on dogs is low then for sure the counties view on it will be even lower. Did you get more information? Is there a way you can maybe stake out the place to confirm this story? I would do some of that before taking it to any law enforcement. IF they dont seem to want to do something about it, I would then get into contact with the HSUS, ASPCA, or a bigger organization. You dont really have to believe in them and there cause to really get there help. Sometimes you have to put aside personal choice to get some help in this area.

    For the Lab/Dane is there a way you can maybe make a deal with the owners, if they are half decent?? Say you help find them a home, if they keep a hold of it? Can you call any other rescue orgs, say for Danes or Labs and just ask if they can hold the dog till you get some room? Some vets might, maybe implore a kennel boarder and see if they will do a good deed and hold the dog for a week or two till you can get a home lined up??? just suggestions. I know how its hard to turn any away, but really sometimes you have to cut your losses and focus on the ones you can save.

    With my Guinea Pig rescue, I never turn a pig away, but I wish sometimes I did, after last year when I was saddled with 54 of them I was reaching my resource limits and room. I was farming them out to anyone and everyone that would help me. Its tamed down a lot after my big adoptathon, but whew its just hell when they are comin out your ears.

    Source(s): 9 years as Shelter manager, wildlife rehaber, raising orphaned animals, investigator for animal abuse\neglect and years of owning,training, breeding many types of animals
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    I would go to the state, especially if the locals don't give a rip. Dog fighting is ILLEGAL and has been in the U.S. for over a century. The state will definitely take care of this, and may even deal out a punishment to the complacent law enforcement of your town as well.

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    I can only really help you with number two, (for number one, my only suggestion would be to find a foster home for the dog).

    Contact the state police about the dog fighting. There are hotlines you may use as well...I hope someone mentions that, as I have NO idea what the number is.

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    dog fighting is actually a federal crime, aided by the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act (2007). I would contact the state police because of this.

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