What do i need to do to become a better tuba player?

I started playing about 3 years ago and i have had great success. I know several major and minor scales, and i can barely reach playing 3 octaves. I have a pretty good sound, but i am not satisfied. I feel like i can do more, for i want to study music and become a proffesional musician. I have surpassed the whole entire band of my school, ( it kinda sucks tho, but it has few good musicians). My teacher is a known trumpetest in the country where i am from, and he tells me i need theory. I do work at it, and i dominate it, but i feel I can push and go further... i just dont know how... May you please aid me. I am willing to meet any musician, i just want to improve. The tuba is not my first instrument; i also play the viola, ( i am 1st viola in my school's string enstemble).

Thank you for the help


(PS- the name "BIG D" does not refer to any "bad language", i am a tall and big person and my first name begins with "D".)

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    I assume that by school you mean high school and not college.

    You need to find someone who plays and teaches tuba. You need to study from someone who knows and play the instrument regularly. No offense but your teacher as a trumpeter knows about as much about playing the tuba as a flute.

    Where is it that you live? Are there any professional tubist nearby? Check with the local symphony.

    There is one book that I would suggest that you buy, "Foundation To Tuba and Sousaphone Playing" by William J. Bell published by Carl Fischer. List price is $24.95. If you cannot get it locally order it online (I was shocked to find that Target sells it on their web site).

    This book was written by the greatest tubist and tuba teacher of the 20th century, the late Bill Bell. I got my first copy when I started playing in junior high and I still have a copy that I use today. It covers most everything that you may come across playing the tuba.

    One good reference: I would suggest that to check out the web site of the "International Tuba Euphonium Association."

    Also if you have never played at a TubaChristmas event you should check it out on their web site.

    Source(s): International Tuba Euphonium Association: http://www.iteaonline.org/ TubaChristmas: http://www.tubachristmas.com/
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    I'll agree with Charles. Playing the tuba is just as serious as any other instrument. You need to get a hold of some recordings of tubas. Get to know some of the famous tuba players.

    Here's one tuba player you've probably heard, but probably didn't know it:


    Dr. James Self plays for many of the movies and TV shows in Hollywood. Chances are if you are watching a recent movie and the music was played in Hollywood, and you hear a tuba, it's Jim playing it.

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    Are you passionate about the instrument? Do you enjoy it enough to become better? Practice practice, and practice... Even play it for fun at home. The best way to get better at something is when you have a strong desire to get better. A passion for it.

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