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Dreamcatcher Stable?

Anyone know of the stable called Dream catcher stable, I used to ride at it... its in the Mississauga/Burlington area in Ontario, I don't remember exactly where sorry... I used to ride a horse named Binks (Big grey horse) there and i just wanted to know what happened to him... the other horses i remember are Scarlet (bay?), Ritz (big dark horse), Johnny (chestnut), Jimmy (appaloosa), Cupcake (small dark horse), Pepper (dapple grey) It was along time ago so i might be a little off on some of the colors.

If anyone knows the stable or a web site for the stable i would be really glad to know... I really loved Binks and this was the first stable i rode at... so any info would be great! Thanks


to kid - sorry but thats not the site, that stable is in Michigan, thanks anyway.

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    I have never heard of Dreamcatcher Stable in the Mississauga/Burlington area (I'm in Burlington!!). Are you sure it is still around?? Many stables have disappeared because of housing developments (it makes me sad...I remember when Eden Park was in Milton on Derry Road but now it's all houses!!). I know HSE (9th line and steeles) will disappear in 5-10 years because developers bought the land but let the new owners live there until they are ready to demolish the barn and build houses. Some developers wanted to buy Hendervale but Janet wouldn't sell, so Hendervale is still up for sale (and probably never will really sell either).

    You should check out EMG discussion though because someone might remember the barn that you are talking about. It's all horsey people in Ontario (LOVE that bulletin board!).

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    Here is it's website.


    watoughsergy oops, my bad. I thought Mississauga said Michigan.

    Here is one in Ontario,

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    shadowbrooke. crystal brooke. tall pine/oak. pine hollow. magic touch. blue valley. shadow creek. olde towne. happy horse. equestrian's ____. permit me comprehend what call you finally end up identifying on, in spite of if it is not mine!!

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