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Quebec and Canada?

Why is it some people in Canada want an independent Quebec? Who wants it?

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    Let me give this a try, sorry if I leave anything out.


    There are some people in Quebec who want to separate (not the majority, or they would have voted to separate by now), they are represented by the Bloc Quebecois (federal party) and the Parti Quebecois (provincial) it is important to note that the separatist movement has been losing momentum in the last ten years and so, the Bloc Quebecois rarely talks about Quebec Separation these days, and the Parti Quebecois currently holds the third most amount of seats in the Quebec Legislature, after the governing Liberals, and the Action Democratique du Quebec.


    There are a lot of people in Quebec who feel as though they don't have a lot in common with the rest of Canada, and who feel as though they have been treated badly by English Canada.It has to do with a lot of different factors.

    A lot of it goes way back to before even John A. Macdonald's time when the English British North Americans thought they would try to assimilate the French British North Americans. It also had to do with the English controlling a lot of the businesses, and the government in lower Canada (now a part of Quebec), the lower Canada rebellion was a rebellion against these same things. Of course this all ended with LaFontaine, who was the first responsible Prime Minister of British North America.

    Skip ahead about 60 years or so to the first world war. English Canadians, quite a few of them being descendants of citizens of the United Kingdom felt very strongly for the English Empire which Canada belonged too. (This was before the commonwealth, back then, and Canada still wasn't entirely independent). Quebec on the other hand, had lived in Quebec since the early 1600's no longer felt any real connection with either England or France, and when World War One broke out English Canada was prepared to fight for the homeland where is Quebec felt this was a problem that didn't involve them. As you can imagine they were none to happy when conscription was introduced. World War two is a similar story.

    Of course French Canadians were treated like a minority up until the late 1960's. The armed forces were regulated mainly in English, a lot of government programs were only offered in English, etc... and when 30% of the Canadian Population was francophone they were beginning to feel as though they were being treated rather badly. And actually around this same time is when the FLQ (a separatist terrorist group, Front Liberation du Quebec) first began blowing up mailboxes.

    When Pearson became Prime Minister, he made French an official language of Canada, which fixed a lot of these problems. When Trudeau became Prime Minister shortly after he stomped out the FLQ during the October Crisis, he also believed that Quebec was an equal province and should be treated just like any other, but he did support French as an official Canadian language. (For a lot of Quebecois, this wasn't good enough, but what can you do.)

    The separatist movement however didn't stop after this, as a matter of fact in kept growing until the mid 90's. A large part of it had to do with Quebec coming out of the quiet revolution (this had to do with Quebec taking a lot more time to introduce more progressive reforms than the rest of country, look up Duplessis) which they did sometime around the late 1950's.

    Another factor was the president of France at the time, Charles De Gaulle, who actually fulled the separatist movement, doing things such as, when a Canadian Diplomat would visit France they'd be treated terribly, but if a Quebec official visited they would get red carpet treatment. He even went so far as to visit Canada during the centennial celebrations of 1967 and yell "Vivre le Quebec libre!" (roughly, long live a free Quebec). His trip was cut short, and Pearson, Prime Minister at the time, told him very politely he was no longer welcome.

    In the 1990's Quebec separation hit it's climax and nearly voted in a referendum to allow the provincial government to separate. The vote was 51% no, 49% yes. But like I said earlier, lately the issue seems to have died down.

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    French Canadians have been persecuted, ridiculed and treated like subhumans for decades, up to a very recent time. Canadian government made everything to keep the French Canadian uneducated and poor, up to about 1990. My mother was one of these people, with nothing more then a third grade, all that because there where no schools in French, in a city where 90% of the people speak French.

    I don´t wan´t an independant Quebec, I want a Quebec that will fight back these people that stole my ancestors of their chances of living a decent life. I hope they take back all money, favors and advantages they can get from that British colony.

    I personaly don´t live there anymore, I got the chance to get educated and make lots of money, something the generations of French speaking Canadians did not get. It now does not make sense to split a country, as international central governments are taking place anyways.

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    Basically the French-Canadians in Quebec. They are a majority in this province, and many have never really thought of themselves as Canadians, but as Quebecois. Hence, the Parti Quebecois, which has advocated separation for quite some time.

    In spite of this sentiment, Quebec remains a part of Canada. Apparently, this movement is not strong enough to make separation possible.

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    Quebec was abandond by the French and was conquered by the British they just haven't gotten over it. They still want ties to France becuase of a commom history up until then.

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    Language bonds a country.

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    i think it's a britain france issue i'm not fully sure on the case

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    They are French, so they will never fight for it. I say let them have their own country, and the US can annex the rest of Canada.

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