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i was wondering what the accomplishments of the TVA or Tennessee Valley Authority was?

if you have any anwsers for my question or any websites i can find it on please tell me

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    Well, the TVA was created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who wanted to create a plan (called the New Deal because he feels that people should get a deal) to help get rid of the Great Depression. The tennessee valley authority hired workers and they get paid in return. well, the TVA lead to the creation of a dam that provided water, electricity, etc.

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    The TVA was a project to help the economy during and after the Great Depression. President Roosevelt created several work programs called "the New Deal" to put people back to work so they could recover from the depression. It also built a series of dams to help save water for various uses in the area; recreation, power and agriculture. The second link below has a map of all the dams built that were located in seven different states and employed thousands of people who were previously unemplyed.

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    candy! i like interior of reach questions- I stay in Knoxville, a considerable portion of the TVA project! in the previous the TVA outfitted dams (Norris, Douglas, fort Loudon) the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers flooded frequently and badly. there have been many deaths, ailments, and a great number of money misplaced whilst the floods got here. The TVA began construction interior the large melancholy, giving jobs to many. It additionally electrified the valley and for the 1st time, electrical energy develop into accessible to all that's citizens, no longer in basic terms the wealthy ones. My grandfather can nevertheless undergo in suggestions switching from kerosene to electric powered lamps! it truly is a huge deal because of the fact all of it began ushering the valley into the in demand era, and started the frenzy for different components of electrical energy different than merely burning coal. that's nevertheless considerable here, because of the fact there are frequently flood situations nevertheless. They permit water out and in of the damns for that reason, protecting us from floating away!

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