will raw bacon kill me?

That's basically it, I ate a peice of raw bacon, by accident.. so will it hurt me?


lol, It was wrapped around a peice of chicken, which WAS cooked, and I had already swallowed it before I realized the other ones wernt cooked (I guess I was excited?) lol

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    not if the pig was healthy .... eating ANY raw pork can be dangerous (or chicken)..... You'll know soon enough:)

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    No.The smoking and the saturation of salt in the bacon "cures" it.

    No different than eating jerky or Porsicutto.

    And the old story of pigs having worms is just that.Old news.

    You can eat pork cooked rare if you like.It delicious.

    "For many chefs and for many of us, medium-rare pork has been the norm for many years now. It’s not what the sternest health experts would recommend. It’s not anything that the U.S. Department of Agriculture would officially endorse. But trichinosis isn’t as much of a concern as it was decades ago — I don’t think there’s much dispute about that. And if medium-rare pork is a game of Russian roulette, well, I’m a lucky man who has never, ever encountered the loaded chamber. And I know many other diners just like me.

    “If the pigs are raised properly, there’s no reason to be afraid,” said Joey Campanaro, the chef and co-owner of the Little Owl, in a telephone conversation. He said that most upscale restaurants that are worth anything get their pork from the kinds of providers who aren’t raising or selling sick pigs."

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    Can You Eat Uncooked Bacon

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    Consuming raw pork could could give you trichinosis but is very unlikely. I'd say you are fine eating one piece of raw bacon and wouldn't worry too much about it.

    If for some reason you did if vomit or have diarrhea call your dr.

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  • Sofia
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    I have to correct one of the people that had previously answered there are worms in certain pork from certain countries but the way that things are in the US there is very little chance of that happening, what you need to watch out for though is a little thing called salmonella it can make you very sick & possibly kill you if is isn't taken care of.

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    umm ? how do you eat a piece of raw bacon on accident? lol well I think you'll be ok but if you get stomach pains, or diarehha within a day or so that could be it food poisoning.But then again people like meat rare and they don't get sick .you should be fine just keep an out for syptoms.:)

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    By accident? Did you fall on it while your mouth was open? It won't kill you, it may make you a little sick to your stomach but if you haven't thrown up yet, you should be fine, except maybe a little diarrhea at the other end.

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    if the pif was healthy you'll most likey get sick =]

    but if the pigy wasn't too healthy most likey something else will happen either very sick or head to the hospital but I don't think it'll kill you lol

    onli eating a whole raw piggy will lol XD

  • Jo W
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    no it won't kill you, the reason we don't eat raw or rare pork is because of worms..............I doubt if you will even get sick....but I would recommend you check your stool for the next few days for worms.......sorry to be so blunt but better safe than sorry

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    well it can make you sick but you might be safe just as long as you did not eat too much of it

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