There is this guy...?

There's this guy i like alot. lets call him N.

the other day on the bus, the seating was like this:


lester & N were whispering & lester goes, amanda, do you like N? and i go NO but i rly do...

and then that same day, my friend callie asked N's friend rochana(HATE her) where they go after school on wednesday (on weds. tons of kids walk to the local BK, McD's, etc). their convo went like this:

callie: where do you guys go after school?

rochana: it depends. who are you going with?

callie: noah & amanda

rochana: amanda who?

callie: amanda (lastname)

rochana: oh, the girl who likes N!

so, i didnt know where they were going so i just went w my friends where ever. & we ended up at BK for icees and N & rochana & friends were there & their whole group knew and someone kept yellin "rochana quit trying 2 make out w N!" 2 get my attn, so i look over & Ns looking at me. and then today this random girl idk comes up to me and asks if i like N. & i say none of ur business and


my friend caressa goes where did you hear that?

and random girl says she was talking to N online.

and now i think hes afraida me!

and i only told caressa & callie, no one else.

did i look at him too much?

& why is this rochana trying to get me, i dont even know her!!!





Update 2:

i meant ahh in my 1st details.

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    I would look at him less, but don't cold coz it shows they were right u reacted & rochana got to you. If he likes u he'll be happy & ask you out once the hubs died down. if not u havn't lost face.

    GdLuk Chic.

    ps. yeah rochana does like N (all the more fun to knock her out of the way when u date him lol.)

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    1 decade ago

    wow um

    first off, try to be a little more laid back :p

    these girls sound like they're tryin to get to you and embarrass you, so just ingore them. if you like the guy talk to him more and see if he feels the same way or not, if you're too embarrassed to then get your -real- friends to help you out to get the courage to. since that's the only way you're going to get anywhere, is if you talk to him.

  • 1 decade ago

    you should stop deniing that you like N because maybe N is sending those girls to ask you because maybe he likes you.and that gurl rocha or wateva her name is is just trying to piss you off. but if you just ignore her and become friends with N she'll stfu.

  • 1 decade ago

    this question makes no since

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  • 1 decade ago


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