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Neighborhoods to live in around Columbia University in NY?

I am thinking of going to Columbia Law, and I would like to rent an apartment in New York with my best friend. We will both be students, so a fairly cheap apartment is a must. We want a neighborhood with subway access, so that we can use the subway to get to school. What possible neighborhoods could we consider living in? I have never lived in New York before, so please, some detail would be nice. Thanks.

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    Columbia, including the law school, is located in Morningside Heights. A lot of the apartment buildings in MH are owned by Columbia and rented out to "affiliates" (students and faculty) so you may be able to find something there, even as the general public is searching in vain for an apt. in the neighborhood. However, it will still not be cheap.

    For cheap, you are likely to find yourself going farther north along the 1 or A subway you go north those lines pass through Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Of those, Washington has the highest crime rate and least evidence of gentrification so far; Harlem is somewhere in the middle, and there's a lot of variation within Harlem.

    There's no way of knowing what your frame of reference is for "fairly cheap." Just south of MH is the Upper West Side, which has been a popular place to live for some time now...and the prices show it. In the southbound direction along the 7th and 8th Avenue subway lines, rents don't get what I would consider cheap until you're well into Brooklyn, an hour's ride away from CLS.

    You might find a better deal on the Upper East Side than the Upper West. The UES is not directly connected by subway to the Columbia area, but there are buses (and the 6 train will take you downtown from the UES).

    Study the subway map ( before you try to find an apartment. Look at Craigslist to get a sense of apt. availability and rents. And beware broker's fees when you get ready to try to rent a place!

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    well morningside heights is the neighborhood where columbia university is located but let me tell you it is not cheap and you won't find anything cheap there. I live in morningside heights and my same apartment is about $2000 more than what i pay.

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    well.....morningside height (where columbia is located at) is pretty expensive, and so is the upper west side. i wouldnt recommend harlem if you never lived here before, so your best bet is probably somplace like park slope in brooklyn, which has a large community of 20 somethings and is reasonable(though it is goin up too)

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