cant access downloaded sims?

my sister and i just downloaded some sims off the echange for sims2

but we cant find them in the game or body shop.

where do they go??

we had all the expansion packs

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to create a download file and a saved sims file. You put the clothes hair makeup ex in the saved sims file then put furniture and objects and such into the downloads file then they will work. Good luck and Keep on simmin

  • 1 decade ago

    If you downloaded it from the Sims2 Exchange, did the Sims 2 installer come up when you clicked on it.

    a. if it did then your download should have been placed in the my documents folder under eagames\thesims2\downloads.

    b. if you manually had to install it then is may be misplaced. Unzip it again and install it to my documents folder under eagames \ thesims2 \ downloads. All downloads no matter their original source need to be in this download folder or else they don't show up in the game.

    Their is also a application called filemaid 2 for the sims 2. If you have a lot of custom content this application helps. You iniatally set up byt telling it where the sims 2 download folder is and then you drag all you rar or zip files onto the filemaid lawn and it will install all your new custom content automatically.

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