What does your "name" mean?

(Okay, I will start. My name means "wagon".)

Question #2: Can you imagine/guess why this is a cogently religious question?

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    My name means "artful and creative". At least my mom says that that is what the baby book said. lol.

    Uhm, because...Our names give us a sense of identity in the physical world, and our souls are the source of our identity in the spiritual world. Therefore, in a spiritual sense, to be aware of one's own identity is to be aware of the nature of their own soul.

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    Avatars refer to a concept that is not any different at all from your "real" name as also only concept. This is a spiritual question because, in fact, there is nothing such as a You that exists. The You/Me/I which folks think they are is a linguistic convention for something that exists only in a dualistic consciousness. Importantly and ultimately, there is not a You and Your Life. There is not God except as your dualistic consciousness thinks one up. Knowing this or even just acting as if this were true changes behavior in a positive way. Thinking there is a God usually (not always) results in the worst kind of behavior because of the divisive delusion and ultimate arrogance it is based on.

    The practice of remembering and reminding one's "self" this is usually called religion in the broadest sense.

    Kshetra means a field of action and a holy place - sometimes site of a war - which affects consciousness in the way that physics describes reality. The World Trade Center Site in New York is one such Kshetra.

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    My chosen nickname is a phonetic homonym for a pronunciation of the name of the Christian deity/Messiah. It was obtained due to a slight physical resemblance to standard Western depictions of said deity, as well as (apparently) some congruence in overall philosophy and beatific benevolence (at least some people think I'm a nice guy).

    The numeral 2 comes from the fact that there was already someone in the Yahoo community who already had the nickname when I signed up.

    My given name, however, is Michael. Which apparently means "Close to the Lord".

    It's also extremely common, especially amongst those of my age (there were six of us in my Grade 9 class), and therefore most Michaels need at least one nickname in order for others to differentiate ourselves. Many of us become better known by this nickname than our real names. There are hundreds of people who know me only as Jesus (even in "real" life), and many have known me for years without ever hearing my given name.

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    “God has given” or “gift of God

    I have feeling some Hebrew names can mean more or different definitions with a little deeper historical research. My name also has an "H" in it and my Rabbi said it is the same but I feel so did Abram to Abraham, so there is more meaning along the way. My mother told me she could not understand why she had to add the "H" but she actually had the thought.

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    My real name or my Answers name?

    My real name is an intentional misspelling of the name of a Hindu goddess. My parents did it out of respect for the goddess.

    My Answers name is a bit more complex. A former friend intentionally mispronounced my real last name. Then, somehow, the intentional mispronunciation was combined with the name The Cheat from Homestar Runner. So, that's where The Grit comes from. I guess I reminded this person of a small, yellow, square creature that "meeps" and "merrs" instead of speaking.

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    My real name is Stewart which means steward. My favorite reference is in Hermes, Corpus Hermetica -- But he that shall learn and study the things that are, and how they are ordered and governed, and by whom and for what cause, or to what end, will acknowledge thanks to the Workman as to a good Father, an excellent Nurse and a faithful Steward, and he that gives thanks shall be Pious or Religious, and he that is

    Religious shall know both where the truth is, and what it is, and learning that, he will be yet more and more Religious.

    I was begged to become a nurse while working in a hospital (science instead), am a good father, in university I studied and studied the roots of scientific theories, I acknowledge that the universe is governed by the Perfect Thought and the Workman (God).... This was written 6,000 years ago.

    God has a well developed sense of humour

    The Dunce: the meaning is in the inverse, or one over the Dunce.

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    5 years ago

    I can indeed imagine why religion comes into your question.

    In Britain today the vast majority of people do not know that their names even have a meaning. Names are chosen by fashion and because they sound nice, or were the names of favourite grandparents etc.

  • Its derived from "Charles"

    Meaning "of the common man."

    Which may explain why I like the music of Aaron Copland so much

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    My name is Karen and it is a Greek name also it means "Pure"

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    Mine means "Guardian of the meadow". God put great store in names. He even renamed several people to show changes in their life or purpose. A few of them are:

    Saul changed to Paul

    Abram changed to Abraham

    Sarai changed to Sarah

    Jacob changed to Israel

    Simon changed to Peter

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