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section 8 for family help plz?

ok so i am in a family of 8 ,, mom dad 3 brothers 2 sisters and myself!! we live in housing, in ri, but we want to move,, either to nashville tn lincoln/omaha nebraska, or san diego california!! but apartments are so expensive and gas, electricity, and everything, and my father has a jib that pays 7.40 - 8 in hour!! its very low!!! ok so my question is do you know if these places give out section 8 fast, if so how long?? or is there a way they can give it to us like right now?? we plan on moving this summer!! please help,,

thanks to everyones answers!!

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    Call, e-mail or make the investment of time to contact the local Housing Authority in the area you‘re interested in relocating to. Ask those folks about that office’s procedures and process for out-of-state residents who are currently on Section 8, but want to relocate to that area. If the answer fits your time fram or your requirements, ask them to send you the "Tenant's Package." For that area.

    Read the material. Follow the directions.

    Complete the necessary forms.

    Ask how to go about arranging the appointment for an interview. Make a list of ALL the iQs you would like to havre answered, which aren't covered in the package. At the interview ask about finding your own housing.

    THEN you should be eligible to be placed on the Section 8 waiting list.

    Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!


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    It varies from state to state, so I'd contact the local offices in nashville, omaha and lincoln. I know in Iowa and Texas it takes forever to get section 8 housing, but in Missouri they'll get you your papers in about a week. Then you get all the fun of trying to find a landlord who actually TAKES Section 8.

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    yes go here

    If you are a Section 8 participant and thinking of moving to another City or County using your voucher, please read the information below:

    You will need to call the housing authority first where you are trying to move to and ask them 2. Are you absorbing portables?

    call the housing authority that In the City or State That you are trying to move to and see if they are accepting people porting in from other Cities and state always before you go to chac and ask to be ported out to another City or State also Please note that "payment standards" differ from one city or agency to the next.

    Only do this after you learn that the housing authority is accepting ports in

    You must check with the Housing Authority in the area where you wish to move before To see if they are accepting people porting in from other Cities or States First

    Basic Procedures For Transferring Your Assistance To Another Jurisdiction

    1. Contact the Housing Authority where you received your Voucher for permission to transfer.

    2. Get the name, address, and phone number of the Receiving PHA in the area where you want to move.

    3. Serve proper written Notice to your Landlord (as defined in your Lease) and provide us with a copy.

    4. Make an appointment with your Housing Specialist to update your eligibility information.

    5. You will be issued a Transfer Voucher that will expire 60 days from the date of issue. You are encouraged to use it as soon as possible to avoid termination of rental assistance.

    6. The Receiving PHA will also need to update your income and family composition information. It is your responsibility to make an appointment for this review with the Receiving PHA.

    7. The Receiving PHA's Payment Standards will be used.

    8. Different occupancy standards on the part of the Receiving PHA may change the bedroom size of your Voucher.

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    You're online...check out the social services web sites and see!

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