Can someone help me help me think of baby names for boys and girls using classic literature names?

Parents or avid readers of classic Literature please help me think of a neat way to incorperate Lit names as cute baby names for boys and girls!! And Modern names are very much welcomed as a middle name or a first name before the literary name. Ex: Austen(Jane Austen) Charles. THANKS so much!!

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    I love literature and here are some names:

    Kate - author Kate Chopin

    Scarlett O'Hara- Gone with the Wind

    James - James Fennimore Cooper

    Nathaniel- Nathaniel Hawthorne (my favorite author)

    Sylvia - Dr. Heidegger's Experiment

    Emily Bronte

    Willa Cather

    Jack London

    Sarah Orne Jewett

    Mark Twain

    Bret Harte

    Edgar Allen Poe

    Herman Melville

    Shirley Jackson

    Robert Frost

    Silas Marner

    George Eliot

    Anne Bradstreet

    Samuel Sewall

    Sidney Lanier

    Stephan Crane

    Hephzibah/ Eppie - Silas Marner

    Annable Lee - poem by Edgar Poe

    Helen - peom by Edgar Poe

    Virginia- Edgar Poe's wife

    Eliza- from the Boom in the Calaveras Clarion

    Micah - from the Boom in the Calaveras Clarion

    Peyton - from An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge

    Claire - from The American

    Diana-Anne of Green Gables

    Gilbert-Anne of Green Gables

    Moody-Anne of Green Gables

    Josie-Anne of Green Gables

    Teddy - Little Women

    Lawrence - Little Women

    Josephine -Little Women

    Meg -Little Women

    Amy -Little Women

    Beth -Little Women

    Daisy - Little Women

    Fritz - Little Women

    Demi - Little Women

    Charlotte - the author of the Yellow Wallpaper

    Emma - from Jane Austen's book

    Darcy- from Pride and Prejudice

    Elton - from Emma

    Walter - Persuasion

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    A question dear to my heart... After donating 8 years of my time to the University to study literature only to become a mother (no regrets!), I too searched for name that cited my favorite authors and characters. Here are my favorites:


    Atticus: a character in Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" (and a front runner for the baby boy we are expecting!)

    Tristan: a tragic hero from the medieval tale, "Tristan and Isolde"

    Holden: the hero from Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye"

    Romeo: classic Shakespearean hero ("Romeo & Juliet")

    Rhett: from "Gone with the Wind"

    Cormac: namesake, author Cormac Macarthur

    Lennox: character from Shakespeare's Macbeth

    Quentin: from "The Sound and the Fury"

    Dorian: from Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray"


    Ophelia: a tragic Shakespearean hero ("Hamlet")

    Lavinia: Greek & Roman mythology, also appears in Shakespeare's Titus Adronicus

    Harper: from the namesake, Harper Lee

    Portia: Shakespeare, "Merchant of Venice"

    Scout: a charater in Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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    My favorites out of your list are: Avery Willow (that's the only girl name on your list that I like) Bentley, Caleb, Gabriel. I can't remember an exact top 10, but names that I love are: Maya, Ariana, Autumn, Octavia Noah, Theodore

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    Virginia (after Woolf)





    Zora (Zora Neale Hurston)






    Bartholomew Fair



    Irving (after Washington Irving)


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    Anne Marie-Anne of Green Gables

    Jason Michael -Jason and the Argonauts

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    I'll list writers and characters and let you put them together from there lol.


    Alexandre/Alexander (Dumas)

    James Matthew (Barrie wrote Peter Pan, etc.)

    Daniel (Defoe - Robinson Crusoe)

    Thomas (Hobbes, Hughes)

    William (Kemp )

    Jack London (he wrote White Fang and numerous others)


    Robin (Robinson Crusoe by Defoe)

    May/Mae (Louisa May Alcott)

    Charlotte (Bronte)

    Emily (Bronte)

    Anne (Bronte)

    Willa (Cather wrote Alexander's Bridge)

    Scarlet (A Study in Scarlet by Doyle)

    Holley/Holly (Marietta Holley - Samantha Among the Bretheren)

    Virginia (Woolfe)

    As for character names lol, we'd be here all day if I listed those so if you visit the link in my sources it may help.

    Source(s): You can also read Little Men to get some good boy names This site might help as you can read some of the books here by clicking first on the author
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    Christie Ashlyn (Agatha Christie)

    Laura Beth (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

    Annie Kaye (Little Orphan Annie or Anne Frank)

    Oliver Tate (Oliver Twist)

    Harry James (Harry Potter)

    Wyatt Whitman (Walt Whitman)

    Vincent Miles ( Vincent ,? ,His last name eludes me right now,sorry)

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    Harper, Scout - To Kill A Mockingbird (I love Harper)

    Here's some from Shakespeare:

  • I have relatives who have named their three daughters Elfrieda, Thomasin and Cordelia after Thomas Hardy characters. I think that they're lovely names, because although they're different, they can easily be shortened!

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    Charlotte (Lottie) --- Bronte

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