Atheists, when did u lose ur faith if u ever had one?

Cause Im losing mine as u read this. i have come to see that this world is unjust and cruel where does a god fit? and why would anyone think their religion is right when there have been tons of religions before that thought the same as well? and why would a god even exists? i don't have faith anymore and if a god does exists he/she/whatever is very cruel. i now believe in just trying to be a good person not because i'll get rewarded with going to heaven but just because its the right thing to do. please tell me when did u lose ur faith and why? thanks.

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    I lost mine as soon as I moved away from home to go to college. The moment I was able to think for MYSELF, it became obvious that there was something very wrong with the things I had been raised to believe. Likewise, as soon as my mother began thinking for herself she became an atheist, and a few years later my sister did as well.

    Bear in mind, all three of us were DEEPLY devout Catholics. We weren't "casual Christians" who kinda-sorta knew something about Christianity; we were dedicated students of the Bible and loyal church-goers. In my case, in order to become an atheist I had to give up more than just the idea of god, but also any hope of "meeting my real dad in heaven" (he died before I was born). I don't take anyone's loss of faith glibly.

    It has been over 20 years since that summer when I left home. The freedom from intellectual and moral bondage that Christianity imposed on me has given me the ability to perceive the world more clearly and react with greater integrity than I ever could have before. I am so very grateful for this!

    I'm saddened to hear the reasons behind your anti-conversion, however. You're right that life is cruel, but there's so much more to it than that. It's order and chaos, beauty and horror, kindness and cruelty. I'm glad to hear you say you want to do what is right for right's sake (rather than some BS reward in "heaven") but I hope that over time you will let the good things in life take the sting out of the "slings and arrows" as well.

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    Accept Jesus the lord as your Savior, it's never too late.

    Sorry, just kidding, has to do with one christian calling us schizophrenic in another question.

    You're on the right track, but here is my advice:

    - Rethink it over and over.

    - Try to give god a chance.

    and if you can't find a single reason to believe in him, welcome to the club.

    It's interesting that you almost ask yourself the same questions I ask myself.

    About your so called "believe in just trying to be a good person":

    It has nothing to do with believe at all. If you did something wrong you will regret it and it won't make you happy. Some can compress this feeling and they will end up as a monster, but for the rest of us there's no need for a god in order to not hurt other people.

    And as a bonus you don't have to follow strange laws like

    - not eating pork

    - suppressing your sexual orientation

    - Cutting off parts of your body.

    And last but not least your saved from hell no matter how you act.

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    Never had one.

    A lot of people cite cruelty and injustice as a reason for disbelief. I suppose this is true. Not ever having been religious, these are not reasons that come to mind when I'm asked why I don't believe. Even with all it's faults, I find the world to be amazing and wondrous. I look out at the world with love in my heart, not disappointment. Perhaps because I never had faith I've never expected the world to be anything more than what it is and my respect for mankind gives me secular hope for the future.

  • lilith
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    13 to 15 years old

    For me it had nothing to do with life not being fair or even being cruel at times.

    But more to do with the prayer promises in the bible proving to be false (even when all I asked for was a sign of his existence).

    The bible doesn't make any sense & half of it talks about cattle, food, & the other half is just as equally un-profound rubbish.

    And the biggest reason, no gods are anywhere to be found.

    Any god wanting to get worshiped that badly, isn't going to hide.

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    I had never been in a religion really. I grew up in the south, and everyone around me were church goers. When I was six and in first grade, when my teacher asked the class who went to church I asked back what church was and astounded most of the class. The kid next to me then told me I was going to hell, and that god was always in the sky watching everything we do. I then pictured god to be this blue man with a white beard in order to blend in with the sky.

    I wanted to believe in something because of a want to fit in. I sent prayers to god whenever I felt bad, sad, or needed help. Guilty, selfish prayers focused around me and my child mind. Things like praying the Charlotte Hornets would win a game.

    Freshman year 9/11 happened, and I prayed for the last time. I told god that it didn't exist, because if it did then it wouldn't allow people to do things like that. The pure hatred of one side, and the pure innocence of many of the people that died on the other.

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    I lost my faith when I learned about science at around 8-9 years old. I realized that some things I was told didn't make as much sense than it used to (and I was born into a religious family and studied in a catholic school). I didn't really go through a rebellious or doubting phase like many did; I just stopped believing.

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    I had just recited a poem I wrote for the Pastors 50th birthday (I was about 8 years old at the time). Everyone loved my poem and thought that I would be a great pastor one day as well. They even prophecied over me and told me that God told them I would be a great Pastor, even greater than the one I wrote the poem for. They said that they were glad that God used such a small child to author such a powerful message for the Pastor's birthday. They said God used me, and I had no recollection of God doing a thing as I wrote that poem. I remember asking my mom to look up a few verses for me as I wrote and rewrote and worked and reworked the poem until I got exactly what I wanted, but I don't remember God telling me to do anything at all. Also, at the time, I wanted to be a doctor, not a Pastor. I found church rather boring, and saw greater good being performed by my best friends father, who was an Emergency Room technician. Sure, the Pastor talked about people being healed by God during the services, but I knew that some of the people that were 'healed' would have died if my best friends dad wasn't there.

    I asked the Pastor about it once, and he told me that God works through people to cure other people. I asked him if God worked through people that didn't believe in God as well, and he told me that he did if the person was doing something for a follower of God. My best friend, his dad didn't believe in the Christian God, he was Afro-centric, and believed that if he should worship ANY gods, it would be the gods of his ancestors BEFORE they were brought to America in slavery, not the gods of those that enslaved them. That stuck with me growing up. Even when I tried to accept Jesus, I couldn't because I know history dates back far before the Jesus story, and that my ancestors did not know about the Jewish God, but had their own that suited them just fine before the arrival of Christian Conquistadors. If the Christian God was correct, he would not have had to kill so many of my ancestors and subject them to such cruelty just to gain the souls of their decendents. A real God could find a peaceful way to make people believe in it, and would have no blood on its hands or its name.

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    At about 15. I started to get interested in other religions, especially Zen. There is in Zen no dogma, no belief is required, no speculation, no parables, no fairy stories, no miracles, no saviour. And gradually I began to see Christianity and its idea of a personal God who allows fallible, vulnerable humans to go to eternal hell as a mass of silly, cruel contradictions. I came to see the 'special relationship with God' as a way of subtly flattering the ego.

  • Kc
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    I don't think I ever had faith. But until a few years ago (in my late teens) I recognized that I was an atheist.

    And there is no heaven. Just be a good person and make the world a better place. That's enough of a reward.

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    in the third grade so when is was about 8 or 9

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