In Hollister there was a song SOS or Message In A Bottle and I want to know which artists plays it in Holliste

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    Message In A Bottle

    Cover versions

    The album The Joke's on You (1989) by Excel contains a cover of the song

    The album Mush (1992) by Leatherface contains a cover of the song

    The album The Burning Red (1999) by Machine Head contains a cover of the song

    The album Any Given Thursday (2003) by John Mayer contains an acoustic live cover of the song

    The album No Place to Be (2006) by Matisyahu contains a cover of the song with a revised bridge

    The song "S.O.S. (Message in a Bottle)" (2006) by Filterfunk

    Neo-blues guitarist John Mayer has been known to cover this song on his latest tour

    Taking Back Sunday have also performed the song live

    No Doubt and Incubus once preformed the song live together

    Ten Masked Men have made a death metal cover of the song

    Set Your Goals have a melodic hardcore cover

    Dave Matthews Band performs a live version

    British 'Chav Punk' outfit Underground Heroes performed an acoustic rendition of 'Message in a Bottle' on their live session.

    Sting performed "Message in a Bottle" with No Doubt during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVII. No Doubt and Incubus regularly play the song live on tour.

    Jack's Mannequin performed this song during their West Coast Winter Tour in 2007.

    The song is featured as a playable cover track in the video game Guitar Hero II for the PS2 and Xbox 360. It will be a single downloadable track for Rock Band for the Xbox 360 and PS3 as the master track version. In the March issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, an advertisement displayed the release date of the download: March 18, 2008. Harmonix decided to not release the track on that date, and delayed the release until April 15, 2008.

    30 Seconds to Mars has made a cover of the song on AOL Sessions Under Cover, where musicians cover classic songs. It can be seen on AOL Music.

    Message in a Bottle is the closing song of the documentary film "Bring on the Night", which documents the forming of Sting's first band after going solo. Sting performs the song as the encore of the Paris concert that is featured throughout of the film. The song is performed as a solo number with Sting accompanying himself on a six-string, white, electric, Fender Stratocaster.

    Charlotte Church and Nerina Pallot performed the song live on The Charlotte Church Show.

    The Police reformed at Live Earth, a 2007 charity concert to raise awareness of global warming and other environmental hazards and performed "Message in a Bottle" as the US finale, with John Mayer playing guitar with Andy Summers (who described the track as a personal favourite in his book One Train Later) and Kanye West performing a rap verse over the chorus of the song.

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