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how does the abec, affect how good the bearing is?

im trying to find out what the number of ball bearings affects the skateboard bearing

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    ABEC is almost meaningless for skates and skateboards.

    It is an standard for high speed machinery that is primarily interested in preventing vibration and movement of shafts where precision counts.

    Some of the early bearings in use were what the bearing industry calls "precision" which are really poor.

    Makers could differenciate themselves by advertising ABEC to indicate that they weren't using junk bearings. Since there are numbers attached, the advertising people got involved and it has been a numbers race.

    ABEC does not require good materials or anything other than that they run true.

    Generally companies that make bearings that are good enough for any ABEC rating aren't going to be making junk.

    Some bearing makers like Zero Drag, Twin Cam, and Bones make bearings that are extremely good but do not meet any of the ABEC standards. The bearings have some of the tolerances opend up so that the balls have more ability to roll freely.

    Source(s): 12+ years of inline skateing
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