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Power=i square X r=v square/r explain the double proportion of resistence to power?

v = Voltage

I = current

r = Resistence

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    As you already know,

    power = voltage x current

    resistance = voltage / current

    If you want to express power only in terms of voltage and resistance, you must take the first equation and substitute for current, using the second equation. When you do that, you get (here comes the algebra):

    power = voltage x (voltage / resistance) or,

    power = voltage^2 / resistance.

    The same substitution concept works whan you express power in terms of just current and resistance.

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    real power is dissipated as heat due to the resistive element impeding the flow of electrons

    so if you increase the current (rate of flow of electrons) through a device then you have more electron collisions and hence more heat

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    I Squared R

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