y r there so many play boyz in this world???

y do guys always have to play with girls??? y cant they juss have one girl all their life? and if they really like playin so much y do they always have to go with good girls? y cant they go with bloody prostitudes or play girls?????

y do they always have to break the hearts of the good girls.. who fall in love wit them and r ready to even give their life 4 their sake.......................

please help me

i m in need of real help......................

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    ohk.....even i ask this question to myself.....

    there r many boyzzz but good ones are hard to find!......

    going out with a nice or a sweet or a good girl would be normal but if they go with a prostitutes or play girls......it would spoil their image!!......they are playboyz...they don't care whose heart they break...there habit is to get the girl fall in love with them and then break their heart......they don't feel much pain...they are used to it(thats the reason they are called playboys!)

    now if u r in love with a playboy.....just think of how much trouble he has caused and how much pain u have suffered!....it would be enough to forget him...forget about the good times because he was just pretending to be good!!

    they are idiots who don't know the meaning of true love.......and also be careful while choosing a boy........because when ur heart breaks it really does hurt!

  • 1 decade ago

    You sound so sad. =(. Don't be. The guy who did that to you is just a jerk. But then don't forget, that there are guy jerks and girl jerks too. Some people just like to play with other people's hearts because it builds up their ego or they're afraid of commitment, so don't hate all men because of 1 jerk. Instead try to move on and find a guy who is worth your time. Any girl who would give their life for their lover is a girl worth loving. =). Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not all guy ( unortunatly ( i think ) most shy guys arnt like that ) i said unfortunatly because u probly never no they actually do like them lol or sumthing like that....like me im shy and iv been in love with the same girl for 3 years now and i still havnt got the guts to ask her out well shes my frend so i talk to her and stuff but yeah just not ask her out lol anyywayss....the reason most guys are like that is because they are selfish heartless bastards that only care about wats good about them selfs and should jump off a friggin cliff and not much peaple would even notice!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wel u oviously seem lyk real mature frm ur spelling and dat. u kno dey will all grow up eventually. jus work thru dem all and c what u get, u hav 2 go thru tha bad 2 get to da good 1z. eventually ull meat a guy hu luvs u 4 u.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    idk either, i'm just as frustrated as u are. i've been single for the frust time in my life .... i'm 27.... and i've been meeting boys and dating and all i keep finding is that in the end they ALL seem to be the same.... i keep getting my heart crushed as well and am ready to give up onn the whole love thing. i wish i had an answer for u b/c then i would have an answer for myself as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    youre still young and yeah u grow up one day and u know:)

    take care.

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