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can anybody explain abt megaeforex? is it scam?

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    I joined Megaeforex as an investor after my friend keep pestering me to help him in this HYIP investment business. I paid my friend US$1000 to buy 1000 e-points from him, invested into the system am supposed to receive US$320 per month. The amount did arrived into my Megaeforex account but only in e-points!

    After many months, I have accumulated about 4000 e-points. However, I just received another e-message from them stating that the Megaeforex's site had been hacked and we will not be able to cash out. I thnk the whole scheme is similar to the now defuncted Swisscash. You won't be able to cash out a single cent but you have to find other investor to buy your e-points!

    The site's address mentioned that their branches are in USA and England but I understand that they are owned by Koreans. Their website's and messages to us in broken English confirmed that. The whole thing is nothing but a HYIP & PONZI SCAM!

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    From what I have been reading about megaeforex is that t is a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP), Ponzi, or Pyramid Scheme.

    It seems to fall into the category of a scam.

    Each are explained below:



    Pyramid Schemes

    I hope this may assist you further, as well as save your hard earned money..

    Have a ice day,


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    Don't invest in HYIP , because they are all ponzi scam

    I once active in HYIP, now i switch to FOREX

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