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ok folks last one for the kids are these funny ??????

Big brother: That planet up there is Mars.

Little sister: Then that other one must be Pa's.

Why did your sister cut a hole in her new umbrella ?

Because she wanted to be able to tell when it stopped raining.

Father: Why did you put a toad in your sister's bed ?

Son: I couldn't find a spider.

Did you hear about the sister who wrote herself a letter and forgot to sign it and when it arrived she didn't know who it was from.

Did you hear about the boy who saw a witch riding on a broomstick ? He said, 'what are you doing on that ?'

She replied, 'my sister's got the vacuum cleaner.'

Why did your sister shoot the alarm clock ?

Because she felt like killing time.

Witch: Doctor, Doctor, my sister here keeps thinking she's invisible.

Doctor: Which sister

Why did your sister separate the thread from the needle ?

Because the needle had something in it's eye.

Why did your sister wear a wet shirt all day ?

Because the label said, 'Wash and Wea

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    LOL! Good job!

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    no offence but none of them are funny

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    hmmm for kids.

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    HAHAAHAHA!!!! nice ones!! all of them rocked! lmao

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    very good

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    not your best but starred!!

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