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    Hi, everyone. My name is Jim. Vivi, a girl from Tainan , is my best friend. She came to Kaushung since she was eleven years old. And now, she is twenty-two. There are three members else in her family, father, one sister, and a lovely puppy. She likes her family so much. Besides, she has a moderate shape, and also, she is cute.


    Vivi has to get up at seven-thirty every morning because of her job. In addition, she enjoys having coffee; she must have a cup of coffee everyday while working. She only gets days off on Sunday. Shopping, watching movies, and going to KTV are her interests. She even goes to movies once per week. Moreover, she love singing, and she sings well, too. She has entered lots of singing competitions before.


    Also, she is a really funny girl, likes to chat with friends. Therefore, she has good time everyday. She would like to have her own clothing store, and it is her dream for future. I sincerely hope Vivi’s dream is going to come true. That’s all. Thank you.



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    Hi!I am Jim.I have a friemd calls Vivi.She is from Tainan.She came Kaohsiung whem she was 11 years old.she has a dad,a sister and a cute dog.She likes her family.She also a cute girl .


    She wake up at 7:30 at the morning because she needs to work.She likes to drink coffee.She drinks a cup of coffee before she go to work.She just has one day off every day.


    Her hobby is shopping,watch movie and singing.She watch movie everyweek.She also sing well.She had entered a lot of singing competition before.


    She is a really funny girl.She likes to talk with her friends.So she is happy everyday.She wants to be a clothing store boss.This is her dream in the future.I hope she can finish her dream in the future.Thankyou.


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    Hello. My name is Jim. My friend calls Vivi. She is from Tainan. As she came to Kaohsjung when 11 year old. She is 22 years old this year. She has a father, an elder sister and a lovely puppy, she likes her family. Her size is moderate, and a lovely girl. She must get up at 30 past 7 in the morning every day, because she must need to work. She likes drinking coffee very much. Must drink a cup of coffee to go to work every day. She only has a holiday on Sunday. Her interest is to go shopping, see the film and sing. She nearly each one will go to see the film once in week. She likes singing very much, and it is very pleasant to sing. She once participated in a lot of competitions of singing. She is a girl making laughs. And she likes chatting together with the friend very much. So she crosses every day very happy. She wants to open the dress shop for a girl in the future. This is her future dream. I hope she can turn the dream into the reality. Thanks.

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    Hello, Everybody. My name is Jim. My friend is Vivi. She is from Tainan. She came to Kaohsiung when she was 11 y ears old. Now she is 22 years old. She has one father, one older sister, and a cute of dog. She like her families. She is a cute girl and her figure is very nice. She has to get up at 7:30 every day because she must go to work. She like to drink coffee very much. She must drink a cup of coffee while working. She just has one day off every week, that is Sunday. She is interested in going shopping, seeing movies, and singing songs. She almost goes to see a movie once a week. She like to sing songs very much and her voice is very wonderful.


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    Hello. I call Jim. Friend of mine calls Vivi. She comes from Tainan. When she 11 year-old time came Gaoxiong. Her this year 22 years old. She has a daddy, an elder sister and a lovable puppy, she likes her the family member. Her build is moderate, moreover is a lovable girl. She must get out of bed every day in the early morning 7 o'clock 30 minute, because she must need to go goes to work. She likes drinking the coffee very much. Every day goes to work all must drink cup of coffee. She only Sunday to be on leave. Her interest is window-shops, looked the movie and sings. Her nearly each week can go watches a time of movie. She extremely likes singing, moreover sings very pleasantly to hear. She participated very has sung to compete. She is the girl which does smiles. Moreover she likes with the friend chatting together very much. Therefore she crosses every day is very joyful. Future she will want to open a female student's clothing shop. This will be she future the dream. I hope her to be able fond dream Cheng Chen. Thanks.

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