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我是La New公司的員工,因應母親節快到了,但是我們的女性客戶還是沒有增加。因為我們沒有什麼優惠活動,而另一家同系統公司持續的辦優惠活動,許多客戶跑到那邊買,使我們的客源大幅降低,所以我想應該要有一個可以吸引大量客戶的活動。此次的優惠活動是買一雙女鞋加$200就多一雙襪子,買兩雙女鞋加$899就多一雙女鞋。為了福利男性顧客,滿$4000就送La New紀念對杯,全館滿$10000送La New獨家創作公事包。所以我們將在3天內舉行這個活動,到母親節後一個禮拜,希望能吸引大量的客戶。


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am the La New company's employee. For the approach of the Mother's Day, the shop business is not satisfactory due to no obvious promotion. Another competitor's continued promotion has drawn many customers, which greatly reduces our business. So I think that an activity to attract customers is necessary.

    The special offer includes:

    buy one pair of women shoes, plus $200 for one pair of socks

    buy two pairs of women shoes, plus $899 for one more pair

    for male customers, buy $4000 or above, got La New Memorial Cup

    buy $10000 or above, got the La New creation briefcase

    We are getting the activity started within 3 days and hold until the week after the Mother's Day to draw a large number of customers.



    對了,如果你們目前沒有半個優惠活動,就是no promotion

    有的話,只是沒有競爭者那麼明顯,那就是no obvious promotion

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